Can you give me some tips of a coming interview? The first thing is to try to make a good impression. How do I do that? First, firmly shake the interviewer's hand, while greet him or her with a smile. Be sure to keep eye contact. Body language is really important, isn't it? Yes, the second thing is to have confidence. You get confidence from being prepared. What should I do for that? Learn a little bit about the company before the interview. Also think of possible questions and answers. Should I recite my answers? No, you should sound natural when you speak. Should I ask about the salary? No, either let them bring out the topic of money or else wait for a second interview.
对于我即将到来的面试你能给我一些建议么? 首先就是要留下一个好印象。 那我要怎么做呢? 首先,与他或者她打招呼的时候要同面试官坚定地握手并给与微笑。一定要注视他的眼睛。 肢体语言很重要,不是么?、 是的。第二件事就是要有自信。你一切准备就绪事自信就会得到。 那我应该怎么准备呢? 在面试之前对公司要有所了解。并且要思考可能提到的问题和你的回答。 我应该背我的答案么? 不,当你说话的时候应该要听起来自然。 那我应该提到工资问题么? 不,要么让面试官提出薪水的话题要么就等待复试。