You look tired. Did you sleep well? No, my friend and I had a party the whole night. You should go home and take a rest. I know, but my boss wants to see me right now. May I have a word with you? You've cut me at a bad time. I am writing a report and have to finish within an hour. You really like leaving things to the last minute. I know this is a terrible habit. Steven, I finally decided to go on a diet. Good for you, but don't push yourself too hard, Lucy. You are right, but summer is coming. I do wish to look smarter sooner. You are smart already. You see you are clever and quick in mind. My goodness, it's freezing here in the room. I am sorry, man. It will be ok as soon as I turn the heating on. Darling, what do you think of these new shoes? Umm, I am wondering where you are going to put them, when you are not wearing them.