Horsemeat Scandal Spreads to Asia

Europe’s horsemeat scandal spread on February 20 to Asia where an imported lasagna (千层面) brand was pulled from the shelves in Hong Kong.

Many world-leading companies have been caught up in the scandal, including Nestle, the world’s biggest food company, and British supermarket chain Tesco.

Hong Kong authorities ordered ParknShop (百佳), one of the biggest supermarket chains in the city, to remove lasagna made by frozen food giant Findus (瑞典食品企业), one of the firms at the center of the scandal.

Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety (食品安全中心) said the item “might be mixed with horsemeat which has not undergone tests for veterinary drugs (兽医药物).”

“The product was removed from our stores last week following the government’s instructions,” a ParknShop spokeswoman said.

A spokeswoman at the government’s food and environmental hygiene department said only one contaminated product had so far been sold in Hong Kong.

In Europe, the Czech Republic became the latest country involved in the affair, with food inspectors (检察员) ordering Tesco to withdraw Nowaco brand frozen “beef” lasagna after detecting horsemeat. The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority said it had found horse DNA in two samples of the Nowaco meals manufactured in Luxembourg (卢森堡). Inspectors “ordered the seller to immediately withdraw the products from its network,”the authority said in a statement.

Supermarkets in Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, France, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia (斯洛文尼亚) have all removed meats from shelves.

Spanghero, the French firm that sparked the food scandal, was, on February 18, allowed to resume production of minced meat, sausages and ready-to-eat meals. But the company, whose horsemeat found its way into 4.5 million “beef” products sold across Europe, will no longer be allowed to stock frozen meat. The firm’s sanitary license was suspended earlier after it was accused of passing off huge quantities of mislabeled (错误标签的) meat over a period of six months.


How many countries are envolved in the scandal?
A 10
B 15
C 16







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