Grown-ups are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but have never practiced still swim as well as ever ever since. A man when he gets back who has not had a chance to go swimming for years can in the water. He can get on a bicycle after many years and still ride away. He can play catch and hit a ball as well as his son. A mother who has not thought about the words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"。remember the story of Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

One explanation is the law of over learning , which can be stated as follows: Once we have learned something, additional learning trials(尝试)increase the length of time we will remember it.

In childhood we usually continue to practice such skills as swimming, bicycle riding, and playing baseball long after we have learned them. We continue to listen to and remind ourselves of words such as "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" and childhood tales such as Cinderella and Goldilocks. We not only learn but overleam.

The multinlicatinn tables(乘法口诀表)are an excention to the eeneral rule that we forget rather quickly the things that we learn in school, because they are another of the things we overlearn in childhood.

The law of overleaming explains why cramming(突击学习)for an examination. though it may result in a passing grade, is not a satisfactory way to learn a college course. By cramming, a student may learn the subject well enough to get by on the examination, but he is likely soon to forget almost everything he learned.A little overlearning. on the other hand, is really necessary for one's future development.

67. What is the main idea of paragraph I?
A. People remember well what they learned in childhood.
B. Children have a better memory than grown-ups.
C. Poem reading is a good way to learn words.
D. Stories for children arc easy to remember.

68.The author explains the law of overleaming by_________.
A. presenting research findings
B. selling down general rules
C. making a comparison
D. using examples

69. According to the author, being able to use multiplication tables is_______.
A. a result of overlearning
B. a special case of cramming
C. a skill to deal with math problems
D. a basic step towards advanced studies

70. What is the author's opinion on cramming?
A. It leads to failure in college exams.
B. It's helpful only in a limited way.
C. It's possible to result in poor memory.
D. It increases students' learning interest.


67.A  第一段第一句,人们能够很好地记得小时候学到的东西。

68.D  第三段,作者通过举例来证明超量法则。

69.A  能够学会乘法口诀表的原因是超量学习的结果。第四段可以得出。

70.B  最后一段可以得出。突击学习在一定程度上是有帮助的,但是非常少。


Kids' health: Four steps for fighting stress

Everybody gets stressed time to time. ___71___ Some ways of dealing with stress 一like screaming or hitting someone一don't solve (解决),much. But other ways, like talking to someone you trust, can lead you to solving your problem or at least feeling better.

Try taking these four steps. the next time you are stressed:

(1) Get support. When you need help, reach out to the people who care about you. Talk
To “trusted adult, such as “parent or other relatives. ___72___ They might have had similar problems, such as dealing with a test, or the death of a beloved pet.

(2) Don't take it out on yourself. Sometimes when kids are stressed and upset they take it out on themselves. Oh, dear, that's good idea. Remember that there are always people to help you. Don't take it out on yourself. ___73___

(3) Try to solve the problem. After you're calm and you have support from adults and friends, it's time to get down to business. ___74___ Even if you can't solve it all,you can solve a piece of it.

(4) Be positive. Most stress is temporary(暂时的).Remember stress does go away,
especially when you figure out the problem and start working on solving it. These steps aren't magic, but they do work. And if you can stay positive as you make your way through a tough time, you'll help yourself feel better even faster. ___75___

A. Ask for a helping hand to get you through the tough situation.
B. Notice your friends' feelings and find a way to help them.
C. Different people feel stress in different ways
D. Ah, it feels so good when the stress is gone.
E. You need to figure out what the problem is.
F. And don't forget about your friends.
G. Then, find a way to calm down.

71.C 不同的人感受到的压力是不同的。

72.F 不要忘记你的朋友。


74.E 首先要找出问题所在。

75.D 压力没有的时候真好。