II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A

25. Girls are said to be more diligent and attentive at school, who score well ______ average in most subjects.

A. over             B. on               C. of               D. above

26. Harry never enjoys visiting large cities because he thinks one such city is much like ______.

A. another                  B. the other                 C. the others                 D. others

27. Tony is a quiet boy and he is accustomed ______ at meals, which is always appreciated.

A. not to talk             B. to not talk             C. to not talking          D. not to talking

28. -- Do you think Jack will lend us a hand? 

-- He is the last one to help others. He ______ lend his hand, though.

A. can               B. must            C. might             D. should

29. Mike and Bob both did very well in the competition, but the former is ______ of the two.

A. more talented       B. the most talented    C. most talented         D. the more talented

30. He must have been punished by his parents yesterday for what he had done, ______?

A. mustn’t he         B. wasn’t he            C. didn’t he           D. hadn’t he

31. Among those presents ______ an iPad that his father gave him for his birthday.

A. have included     B. is included        C. has included        D. are included

32. ______ wondering which way to take, the little boy behaved like a real gentleman who comforted his sister from time to time.

A. Leaving          B. Having left        C. To leave           D. Left 

33. Shanghainow increases the supply of smaller houses, ______ to help low–income families to buy houses of their own.

A. aimed                   B. being aimed            C. aiming                D. having aimed

34. Tropical rainforests ______ down and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future.

A. are being cut             B. are cut                 C. cut               D. had been cut

can’t make great progress in the language learning has something to do with your vocabulary.

A. Whether          B. That                C. If               D. What

36. You are sure to be successful in the job market ______ you make yourself better known to the interviewer.

A. even if            B. though           C. until             D. once

37. Jimmy came back early last night. It was not yet eight o’clock ______ he got home.

A. before            B. that              C. when             D. until

38. Many skilled workers were organized to clear away ______ remained of the World Expo site.

A. what                B. when                C. which               D. where

39. The old man took the policemen back to the same place ______ he had witnessed the robbery.

A. that              B. where            C. as                D. when  

40. People hope the new measures ______ house prices, taken by the government, will succeed.

A. to control         B. controlled         C. controlling         D. having controlled

Section B

“True creativity often starts where language ends.”----Arthur Koestler

The net plays another, more active, role on the linguistic(语言学的)front, a role that is

  41 overlooked by many people who believe English victory is on the go. Since the advent (来临) of World Wide Web, many minority  42 ,those spoken by single nations or ethnic groups, have enjoyed a dramatic upsurge(急剧上升)in vitality. Many such tongues were 43 endangered just a decade ago. Late-century mobility and economic currents were taking more and more speakers out of their communities and away from fellow speakers. Languages were  44  at an alarming rate.

Like biological extinction, linguistic extinction is a serious loss for all of humankind. Languages are some of the  45  ways people maintain their culture and are crucial to understanding other cultures. When fewer and fewer people share a  46  language, it may die, and when it does, part of our collective human culture dies with it.

Surprisingly, though, the Internet has become a valuable tool for  47 endangered languages. Speakers of these languages not only have been particularly active in putting up web pages in their various languages, but also in mounting (配置)  48  effective, large-scale dictionary and language-learning projects online. There is no reason why minority languages cannot live together with a common social language like English. Indeed, the Internet offers more hope for their  49  
than they have ever known before, especially as translation tools become more effective.