I. Listening Comprehension

Section A

1. A. The man is forgetful.

B. She wants to buy this washing-machine.

C. This is the first time that the man has talked about the new kind of machine.

D. The man indicated that he liked this new type of washing-machine.

2. A. In the cinema.            B. In the lab. 

C. In the zoo.                    D. In the school.

3. A. She will be upset probably.

B. She is pleased with their move.

C. She feels a little disappointed.

D. Moving to the south is better than moving to the north.

4. A. Where the orange juice could be found. 

B. How to make fresh orange juice.

C. To pass a small glass of orange juice to him.

D. If the woman would like to have some orange juice.

5. A. To quit basketball.

B. To give the reason for giving up basketball.

C. To go on playing basketball in spite of the failure.

D. To take part in another game.

6. A. He’s a chairman.             B. He’s a doctor.

C. He’s a professor.                 D. He’s a carpenter.

7. A. Shop assistant and customer.   B. Neighbors.

C. Doctor and patient.                       D. Colleagues.

8. A. One.      B. Two.       C. Three.      D. More than three.

9. A. He did not do homework at night.   B. He had trained too much before.

C. He had no sports facilities.                 D. He came back home late.

10. A. 482-3351.      B. 428-5531.     C. 428-1135.      D. 482-5531.

Section B

Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

11. A. About one kilogram.          B. About fifty kilograms.

C. More than fifty kilograms.         D. As many as fifty kilograms.

12. A. 2,000 years a go.   B. In 1100.   C. In 1500.   D. In 1900.

13. A. They are so poor that they can only buy paper boots.

B. There are no other kinds of boots there.

C. Paper boots are warmer than any other boots there.

D. Paper boots are so nice that they don’t like anything else.

Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage.     

14. A. In the San Francisco area.               B. On the island of Nimi.

C. In the Pacific Ocean.                      D. Along the US coast.

15. A. The earthquake was serious.                    

B. New earthquakes are not expected.

C. An island was destroyed by the earthquake.

D. The earthquake was mild.

16. A. They will be in high intensity.          

B. They will occur along the coast.

C. Earthquakes of unknown intensity will occur there.

D. They are predicated 100 miles away.

Section C

Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation.  Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.