II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A

25. In New York, high school smoking hit a new low in the latest surveys--13.8%, far _____ the national average.

A. over             B. beyond         C. below           D. on

26. Doctors should take special care when treating children because their breathing rate is different from _____ of adults.

A. one              B. those           C. some             D. that

27. After being a teacher, he found himself _____ his student badly, the same way he was treated by his former teacher.

A. treated                  B. being treated       

C. treating                  D. treat

28. Best-selling author and race car driver Han Han offered a 20 million RMB reward to _____ could prove his works were ghostwritten (代笔)。

A. no matter who             B. who

C. whoever                     D. whomever

29. _____ for her powerful and pure voice, Houston was the winner of 6 Grammys and 22 American music awards.

A. Being known              B. Knowing

C. Known                  D. Having been known

30. To prepare for the Olympic Games in summer, London _____ its largest ever exercise to test the response of emergency services.

A. planned                 B. is planning

C. had planned            D. plans

31. The man won’t be sent to prison _____ he does volunteer work in the community for at least two years.

A. in case         B. even if      C. on condition that      D. as far as

32. More teens begin to realize the basic principle _____ there is more to a person than physical beauty.

A. that        B. whether        C. in which         D. when

33. On the ocean floor _____. However, to bring them to the surface requires expensive equipment and trained people.

A. do some sunken ships lie          B. some sunken ships do lie

C. lie some sunken ships              D. some sunken ships lie

34. He gets about 500 yuan a month. How _____ he balance his family's outgoings with such a small income?

A. could          B. ought          C. might          D. would

35. Medical teams are reported _____ to isolated villages to help people fight against the cold snap in Europe.

A. to have been sent                B. to be sent

C. sent                              D. having been sent

36. _____ you are in a speech contest or you are giving a talk in class, a little preparation will make your presentation organized and dynamic.

A. Either         B. While          C. Whether         D. No matter

37. There is no denying that it was drug use _____ badly damaged Whitney Houston’s voice and ruined her life.
A. which         B. that           C. what                 D. /

38.   I heard that some patients who had undergone laser eye surgery experienced sudden losses of vision, _____?

A. didn’t I                                     B. hadn’t they

C. didn’t they                                 D. isn’t it

39. Jeremy’s fans in China are going crazy about this 23-year-old Harvard graduate, _____ it’s a   breakthrough in American basketball history.

A. saying                                        B. said

C. having said                                D. to say

40.  People choose to have a haircut for a refreshing start on the second day of the second lunar month because it is the day _____ the dragon awakens and raises its head.

                                          B. which

C. when                                        D. whose

 Section B

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables could help protect teenagers from mental health problems, according to an Australian study published in an academic journal.

The study of 3,000 adolescents aged 11 to 18 found that those who had poor diets filled with junk and __41__ foods were more likely to suffer mental health problems such as depression and __42__.

The participants filled in questionnaires about their diets and psychological symptoms in 2005 and again in 2007. The study found that teenagers who ate healthy diets had fewer mental health problems than those with poor diets.
The study also found that improvements in diet quality were __43__ by improvements in mental health, while worsening diet quality was __44__with poorer psychological __45__.

Jacka said the finding suggested it could be possible to stop some mental health problems __46__ in adolescents by ensuring they ate healthy diets.

"Having good nutrition-rich foods is really important for adolescents because it's a time when they are growing rapidly and it's essential they have __47__ nutrition," Jacka said.

Studies show one in five Australian adolescents has some forms of mental health problems, caused by genes and __48__ factors such as stressful events in early childhood.

Jacka said parents could protect children against mental health problems by eating two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables a day, as well as __49__ to wholegrain food and lean meats while avoiding junk food.