I. Listening Comprehension

Section A

1. A. At 11:35.                                 B. At 11:45.

C. At 12:00.                                     D. 12:45.

2. A. By car.                                     B. By train.

C. By taxi.                                        D. By bus.

3. A. In a restaurant.                        B. In a hospital.

C. In a hotel.                                    D. On a plane.

4. A. He's unwilling to fetch the laundry.

B. He picked up the laundry 3 hours ago.

C. He will go before the laundry is closed.

D. He doesn’t know who picked up the laundry.

5. A. Boss and secretary.                 B. Colleagues.

C. Interviewer and interviewee.          D. Classmates.

6. A. The man is not suitable for the position.

B. The job has been given to someone else.

C. She received only one application letter.

D. The application arrived a week earlier than expected.

7. A. $15.     B. $30.      C. $50.      D. $100.

8. A. He has not adjusted to the new culture.

B. He has been studying hard at night.

C. He finds biology difficult to learn.

D. He is not accustomed to the time in a different zone.

9. A. He is the right man to get the job done.

B. He is a man with professional skills.

C. He is not easy to get along with.

D. He is not likely to get the job.

10. A. Go to the office.                   B. Call the booking office.

C. Try online booking.                    D. See a doctor.

Section B

Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

11. A. At 6:15.                          B. At 6:45.

C. At 7:15.                          D. At 7:45.

12. A. Students who are often late for school.

B. All the students of Durfee High School.

C. Parents sending notes to the headmaster.

D. Parents who are always late for work.

13. A. Call the students at 6:15.

B. Give every student an alarm clock.

C. Make study hours longer.

D. Post students’ names on the school website.
Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. 

14.A. Because dragon babies will have more educational opportunities.

B. Because dragon babies are believed to be rich and successful in the future.

C. Because couples can only have a dragon baby every twelve years.

D. Because dragon is an imaginary creature in the Chinese culture.

15. A. May 2nd.                                       B. May 10th

C. May 12th.                                           D. May. 22nd.

16.A. To avoid one child policy.                B. To get better service.

C. To gain more job opportunities.           D. To gain better child education.

Section C

Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation.  Complete the form. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.