Cate the Great

No role is too difficult for leading lady Cate Blanchett 



Oscar winner Cate Blanchett knows what it's powerful performance in 1998 in the movie Elizabeth catapulted the Australian actress to international stardom. In that film, she portrayed Queen Elizabeth I, one of England's most famous monarchs. Blanchett successfully reprised that famous role last fall in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Blanchett not only plays royal roles but reigns as queen of the big screen as well. A true chameleon when it comes to acting, Blanchett has proved she can master almost any role. Parts ranging from musician Bob Dylan to the mysterious leading lady in the latest lndiana Jones Film have displayed her talent. With 32 released films under her belt in just over a decade, Blanchett is one of the world's most sought-after actresses.

Born near Melbourne in May 1969, Blanchett was often shy as a child. But she possessed an extroverted side as well and developed an early interest in performing. Blanchett recalls being deeply impressed by a magician at a birthday party she attended when she was six years old. From that time on, she dreamed of becoming a performer.

Word Bank:

monarch(n.) 君主
Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live in England's famous Buckingham Place.

reprise(v.) 重唱;重演
The cast of the musical reprised the theme song for the last act of the show.

reign(v.) 统治;驾驭
Emperor Kang Xi reigned over China for 61 years.

under one's belt(idiom) 拥有(经验或技能)
Linda has more than twenty-five years of teaching.

extroverted(adj.) 外向的
Brett is very extroverted, so he has no problem talking to strangers.


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