1. Her father works as a _________ in a hotel and her mother a _________ in a private company.
A. cooker, typewriter B. cook, typist C. cooker, typist D. cook, typewriter



2. "Why couldn't they meet us at five o'clock?" "Because they were delayed by _________."
A. heavy traffic B. heavy traffics C. crowded traffic D. crowded traffics


【分析】对于此题,首先要明确traffic为不可数名词,没有复数形式,故排除B和D。另外,汉语习惯说“交通拥挤”,而英语习惯上却不能用crowded来修饰traffic,要表示汉语的“交通拥挤”,英语通常说heavy traffic,即选A。如下一题也是选A:
She is not a competent driver and can't cope with driving in _________.
A. heavy traffic B. heavy traffics C. crowded traffic D. crowded traffics

3. By all _________, you must try every _________ to help him.
A. mean, mean B. means, means C. means, mean D. mean, means

【陷阱】误选C,认为第一空前有all修饰,故用all means,而第二空前有every修饰,故用mean。

【分析】其实,means是一个单复数同形的名词,并且永远带有尾-s。换句话说,在表示“方式”、“方法”时,不存在mean这一形式(mean主要用作动词,表示“意思是”;也可用作名词,表示“中间”、“中庸”)。此题正确答案为B,by all means为习语,意为“一定”、“尽一切办法”。顺便说一句,means用作主语时,其谓语的数需根据句意来确定。比较:All possible means have been tried. 所有可能的办法都已经试过了。Every possible means has been tried. 每种可能的办法都已经试过了。若句意不能明确地表明主语的单复数,其谓语则用单数或复数均可。如:
Is [Are] there any other means of getting more money? 还有其他什么办法可弄到更多钱吗?

4. Jim is _________ person, and everyone is willing to be _________ with him.
A. so kind a, friends B. so a kind, friends C. so kind a, friend D. so a kind, friend

【陷阱】误选D。认为 friend要用单数。

【分析】其实此题最佳答案为A。so kind a person相当于such a kind person相当 ,注意两者中冠词的位置不同。be friends with是习语,意为“与......友好”、“跟......做朋友”,与之同义的还有make friends with。值得说明的是,这类短语中的名词总是用复数,即使句子主语为单数也是如此。如:He is friends with me. 他与我是朋友。He has made friends with everyone here. 他与这儿的每个人交上了朋友。

5. She raised her finger to her lips as _________ for silence.
A. an idea B. a mark C. a sign D. a word


【分析】应选C,sign与mark的区别是:sign 的意思是“迹象”、“征兆”,gesture or movement made with the hand, head, etc, used to give information, a command, etc(用手或头等做出示意动作以传递信息或命令等);mark 的意思是 written or printed symbol or figure, line etc made as signor an indication of sth(书写与印刷的符号或图、线等记号)。根据此二词的语义区别以及常识可知答案为C。类似地,下面两题的答案也是C:
(1) Those black clouds are a sure _________ that it's going to rain.
A. thing B. mark C. sign D. one
(2) Just as a famous Chinese saying goes, a timely heavy snow is a _________ of good harvest next year.
A. mark B. track C. sign D. appearance

The lion is considered the king of the forest as it is a(n) _________ of courage and power.
A. example B. sign C. mark so-tab-count; D. symbol


6. "May I take your order now?" "We'd like three black _________ and two green _________."
A. coffee, cups B. coffees, teas C. cups of coffee, tea D. cup of coffees, teas


【分析】选B。有的同学认为coffee和tea是物质名词,不可数,不能用three coffees, two teas这样的表达。其实,coffee既可用作不可数名词,表示“咖啡”这种物质,也可用作可数名词,表示“一杯咖啡”,即在口语中three coffees就等于three cups of coffee。同样,“三杯茶”既可说成three cups of tea,也可说成three teas;“三杯啤酒”既可说成three glasses of beer,也可说成three beers。