1. Everyone knows that _______ is dangerous to play with fire, but _______ is difficult is to prevent children from playing with fire.
A. it, it    B. what, what
C. it, what    D. what, it
【分析】最佳答案是C,第一空填形式主语,真正的主语是其后的不定式 to play with fire。第二空填 what,what is difficult 是主语从句,注意 what is difficult 后的谓语动词 is。请做以下类似试题:
(1) I know ______ is important to know my own limitations, but _______ is difficult is to help others to know their own limitations.
A. it, it    B. what, what
C. it, what    D. what, it
(2) Yes, ______ is difficult to find a job nowadays, but _____ is more difficult is try to find such a job with a high salary but little things to do.
A. it, it    B. what, what
C. it, what    D. what, it

2. I dislike _______ when others laugh at me in public or think poorly of me behind.
A. that    B. those
C. it    D. them
【分析】最佳答案是C,因为在通常情况下,like 是及物动词,其后应有宾语(句中 it 即为其宾语)。句中的 when 从句不是宾语从句,而是时间状语从句,其中的 when 的意思是“当……的时候”。其实,也有的词典将 I don't like it when (if) … 作为一个句型来处理。能这样用的动词不多,主要的有enjoy, like, dislike, love, hate, prefer, appreciate等表示喜好的动词。
She won't like it if you arrive late. 她不喜欢你迟到。
He hates it when people use his bike. 他讨厌别人用他的自行车。
请做以下类似试题(答案均选 it):
(1) I hate _______ if people say such things in public.
A. that      B. those
C. it    D. them
(2) I'd prefer _______ if I didn't have to get up early on Sundays.
A. that    B. such
C. it    D. which
(3) I would appreciate _______ very much if you could give me some suggestions.
A. this    B. that
C. it    D. you

3. I've no idea. I just pretended nobody was at home, so I didn't ask who _______ was.
A. he    B. that
C. she    D. it
【分析】最佳答案是D。it 用以指身份不明的人。若指身份明确的人,则不宜用it。比较:
(1) Mr Smith is at the door. _______ wants to see you.
(2) Someone is at the door. ________ must be Mr Smith.
A. He            B. It
C. This    D. That
4. "Excuse me, I want to have my watch fixed, but I can't find a repair shop." "I know ________ nearby. Come on, I'll show you."
A. one    B. it   
C. some    D. that
【分析】最佳答案是A。it 和 one 的区别可简单地概括为:it = the + 名词,one = a + 名词。如:
I haven't got any pens, and I want to borrow one. 我没有钢笔,我想借一支。(one = a pen)
I have two pens, and I can lend one to you. 我有两本支钢笔,我可以借一支。(one = a pen)
I have a pen, and I can lend it to you. 我有一本钢笔,我可以把它借给你。(it = the pen)
在上面一题中,one 相当于 one 相当于 a repair shop。请做下面一题(答案选A):
There is only one English-Chinese dictionary in that book-shop. I wonder if you still want to buy _______.
A. it    B. one
C. another    D. any

5. Will you see to _______ that my children are taken good care of while I am away?
A. it    B. me
C. yourself    D. them
【分析】最佳答案是A。it 为形式宾语,真正的宾语是空格后that引导的宾语从句。see to 意为“负责”、“注意”,其中的 to 为介词,不宜直接跟that引导的宾语从句,遇此情况可借助代词 it。请做下面两题,答案也是选 it:
(1) I'll see to _______ that all these letters will be sent to the post before twelve.
A. it    B. me
C. which    D. them
(2) Will you see to _______ that the luggage is brought back as soon as possible?
A. me    B. yourself
C. it    D. them
类似以上 see to 用法的短语还有 depend on, answer for 等。如下面两题答案也选 it:
(1) You may depend on _______ that he will turn up in time.
A. it    B. me
C. which    D. them
(2) I can't answer for ________ that the boy is honest.
A. it    B. me
C. which    D. them