abroad的用法 一、基本用法We hear that he went abroad recently. 我们听说他最近出国了。He was abroad from 1970 to 1996. 他从1970年至1996年住在国外。His dream of going ; FONT-FAMILY: 'Times New Roman'">他出国深造的梦想已成为现实。
We can’t go abroad this year, so we’ll have tocontent ourselves with a holiday in London. 我们今年不能出国,所以只好在伦敦度假了。

 二、一点注意是副词,不是名词,因此不能与 in, to, at 等介词连用;其前也不用冠词:正:He went abroad last year. 他去年出国了。误:He went to abroad last year. 误:He went to the abroad last year.
误:abroad 之前虽不能用 in, to 之类的介词,但可用介词 from:He just came back from abroad. 他刚从国外回来。

at home and abroad 国内外 / be all abroad 感到莫明其妙