1. be afraid of sth (sb) afraid 害怕某事(某人)。如:Are you afraid of dogs? 你害狗吗? There’s nothing to be afraid of. 没什么可害怕的。比较:He is afraid of her. 他怕她。
He is afraid with her. 跟她在一起时,他很害怕。

 2. be afraid of doing sth(1) 担心会发生某事或某情况(但实际上未必会发生)。如:She was afraid of waking her husband. 她怕吵醒她丈夫。I was afraid of hurting her feelings. 我怕伤害她的感情。注:be afraid of doing sth 表示担心会发生某事或某情况时,其后也可用 be afraid that 替换。如:He was afraid of losing face. =He was afraid (that) he’d lose face. 他怕失面子。(2) 害怕做某事或不敢做某事(指缺乏勇气或害怕其后果而不敢)。如:I’m afraid of telling her. 我不敢告诉她。
He was afraid of jumping. 他不敢跳。

 3. be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事或不敢做某事。如:He was afraid to fly in a plane. 他不敢坐飞机。He was afraid to go into the house and meet his father. 他不敢进屋去见他父亲。注:以上两类句型的异同之处:表示担心会发生某事或某情况,只能用 be afraid of doing sth, 而表示害怕做某事或不敢做某事等,则两者都可用。如:Don’t be afraid to ask [of asking] question. 不要害怕问问题。He is afraid to go out [of going out] alone at night. 他不敢晚上一个人出去。