1. one after another 一个接一个地,一个又一个地。如:They left the room one after another. 他们一个一个地离开了房间。We achieved victories one after another. 我们取得了一个又一个的胜利。注:按传统语法,one after another 指三者或三者以上,若指两者则用 one after the other, 但在现代英语中,两者常可换用。如:Difficulties arose one after another [the other]. 问题一个一个地冒了出来。另外,One after another 通常用作状语,有时用作主语。如:
One after another stood up and went out. 人们一个一个地站起来,走了出去。


 2. one another 相互,彼此。如:We should help one another. 我们应该互相帮助。The members of the team support one another. 队员们相互支持。注:有人认为 one another 一定用于三者或三者以上, 而用于两者须用 each other。但在现代英语中,两者常可换用。The boy and girl are deeply in love with one another [each other]. 这男孩和女孩深深地相爱着。The sea and the sky seem to melt into one another [each other]. 大海与蓝天似乎融为一体。另外,one another 可以有所有格形式。如:Those two are always copying one another’s [each other’s] homework. 那两个人总是相互抄袭作业。