anxious的用法(搭配与句型) 1. be anxious about sth (sb) 为某事或某人担心或担忧。如:I’m very anxious about him. 我很为他担心。
He was anxious about her absence. 他担心她不来。

 2. be anxious for sth (sb)(1) 为某事或某人担心或担扰。如:为某事或某人担心或担扰。如:He was anxious for family. 他为他的家人担心。We are anxious about his health. 我们都为他的身体担心。注:此用法有时可将介词 for 换成 about。如:We’re anxious for [about] his safety. We’re anxious for [about] his safely: 'Times New Roman'">我们担心他的安全。(2) 渴望某事物。如:We are anxious for a change. 我们渴望换个环境。
We are really anxious for peace. 我们确实渴望和平。

 3. be anxious to do sth 渴望(希望,想要)要做某事。如:He is anxious to see her. 他渴望见到她。We are anxious to leave here. 我们急于要离开这儿。注:此用法有时可与 be anxious for sth 互换。如:
He’s anxious to know [for] the result. 他渴望知道结果。

 4. be anxious for sb to do sth 渴望(希望, 想要)要某人做某事。如:We are anxious for him to come. 我们希望他来。我们希望他来。I was anxious for everything to be settled. 我希望把一切都解决。注:该句型有时可与带从句的结构互换。如上面两句也可说成:We are anxious that he should come. I was anxious that everything should be settled.