1. admit doing sth 承认做某事。如:

I admit breaking the window. 我承认打破了窗玻璃。

He admitted having stolen the money. 他承认偷了这笔钱。

2. admit of 容许有,有……的余地,有……的可能。如:

The matter admits of no delay. 此事刻不容缓。

The word admits of no other meaning in the case. 该词在此例中不可能有其它的意义。

3. admit to 承认。如:

He admitted to the murder. 他供认了谋杀罪。

He admitted to having taken the money. 他承认拿了那笔钱。

注:由于 admit 表示“承认”可用作及物动词或不及物动词,所以上面各例中的介词 to 有时也可省略(省略 to 后 admit 为及物动词)。

4. admit…to (into) 允许进入,使能进入。如:

They admitted him to [into] their organization. 他们接受他参加了他们的组织。

How many students have been admitted into the school this year? 今年这所学校有多少学生入学?


He was admitted to (into) the Party. 他被吸收入党。

He was admitted as a Party member. 他被接纳为党员。