advise的常用句式 1. advise doing sth 建议做某事。如:He advised leaving early. 他建议早点动身。I advise waiting till proper time. 我建议等到适当时机。注:不能直接后跟不定式作宾语。所以不能说:* He advised to leave early.  2. advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事。如:He advised me to buy a computer. 他建议我买台电脑。The doctor advised me to take a complete rest. 医生建议我完全休息。注:以上意思也可用后接从句的形式表达(注意从句用 should+v. 这样的虚拟语气)。如上面第一句也可说成:He advised that I (should) buy a computer. 3. advise sb against doing sth 劝告某人不要做某事。如:He advised her against going out at night. 他劝她晚上不要出去。Her father advised her against marrying the worker. 她父亲劝告她不要嫁给这个工人。她父亲劝告她不要嫁给这个工人。注:该句型有时可与 advise sb not to do sth 替换。 如上面第一句也可说成:He advised her not to go out at night. 4. advise sb of sth 通知或告知某人有某情况。如:
Please advise us of the arrival of the goods. 货物到达时请通知我们。