1. go to bed 上床睡觉。如:He goes to bed at nine. 他九点上床睡觉。He didn’t go to bed until his wife came back. 直到他妻子回来他才睡觉。He didn’t go to bed until OR: maroon; FONT-FAMILY: 'Times New Roman'">比较 go to bed(上床睡觉)与 go to the bed(到床边去)。如:He went to bed at 10 last night. 他昨晚10点钟上床睡觉。He went to the bed and found a letter on it. 他走到床边,发现上面放着一封信。2. in bed 在床上(睡觉)。如:He is still in bed. 他还在睡觉。He’s sick in bed with a cold. 他因感冒而卧床。注:该结构中通常不用冠词或其他限定词。3. make the bed 铺床。如:Make the bed whenever you are up. 起床就要铺床。注:make one’s (own) bed, 意为“自食其果”。如:As you make your own bed, so you must lie on it. 你是自作自受。4. on a (the) bed 在床上。如:There is a red box on the bed. 床上有个红色的盒子。注:该结构通常应有冠词或其他限定词,有时它与 in bed 大致同义,只是搭配不同而已。如:躺在床上看书是个坏习惯。正:It is a bad habit to read in bed. 正:It is a bad habit to read on a [the] bed. 5. put sb to bed 安顿某人上床睡觉。如:
I’ll just put the children to bed. 我就安顿孩子们去睡觉。