1. I keep medicines on the top shelf, out of the children’s ________. (天津卷)A. reach  B. hand C. hold   D. place  
【分析】答案选A。因为out of sb’s reach是固定习语,意为“伸手拿不到的、够不着的”。也可说beyond sb’s reach。

2. Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the table within ________ of little children. (湖北卷)A. hand  B. reachC. space D. distance
【分析】答案选B。因为within sb’s reach是固定习语,意为“伸手拿得到的”。

3. I have read the material several times but it doesn’t make any ________ to me. (上海卷< have read the material several times but /FONT>)A. meaning  B. importance C. sense  D. significance
【分析】答案选C。因为make sense是固定习语,意为“意义清楚”、“讲得通、有道理”。

4. Here’s my card. Let’s keep in ________. (Hnt-family: 'Times New Roman'">全国卷)A. touch  B. relation C. connection  D. friendship
【DENT: 21分析】答案选A。keep in touch (with sb. )固定搭配,意为“(与某人)保持联系”。

5. If by any chance someone comes to see me, ask them to leave a ________. (全国卷 ________. )A. message  B. letter C. sentence  D. notice
【分析】答案选A。leave a message(留下口信或便条)也是固定搭配。

6. We all know that ________ speak louder than words. (上海卷)A. movements  B. performances C. operations  D. actions
【分析】答案选D。Actions speak louder than words. (行动胜过言辞)是谚语。

7. My parents always let me have my own ________ of living. (上海卷)A. way  B. method C. manner  D. fashion
【分析】答案选A。have one’s own way of doing sth. (有自己做某事的方法)是惯用句式。