"Today's World"
Hi, Susan. Are you interested in buying some used books for school? You can really save some money that way. Well, what do you have? Well, let's see. I have a science book, called "Today's World". And I’m selling it for $30. 30? That’s too expensive for a broken book like that. Maybe so, but I bought it for 60, and I wrote a lot of notes in the book. That should help you with the class if you could read my writing. What else are you selling? OK. I have an English writing textbook, for $14, a math book, for 23 and a novel, for only 7. Hhh. It's up to you. You know, these things go fast. OK. I'll take the writing book and the novel. I need both of those for sure. No more textbooks? Not now. Teachers are always changing their minds about textbooks. All right.