International Friends Club
Hello, International Friends Club. Can I help you? Oh, hello. I read about your club in the paper today and I thought I'd phone to find out a bit more. Yes, certainly. Well, we're sort of a social club for people from different countries. It's quite a new club. We have about 50 members at the moment, but we are growing all the time. That sounds interesting. I'm British actually and I came to Washington about three months ago. I'm looking for ways to meet people. What kind of events do you organise? Well, we have social get-togethers and sports events and we also have language evenings. Could you tell me something about the language evenings? Yeah. Every day except Thursday we have a language evening. People can come and practise their languages, you know, over a drink or something. We have different languages on different evenings. Monday Spanish, Tuesday Italian, Wednesday German and Friday French. On Thursday, we usually have a meal in a restaurant for anyone who wants to come. Well, that sounds great. I really need to practise my French. OK. Well, if you can just give me your name and address I'll send you the form and some more information. If you join now, you can have the first month free.