1. Though he did not say so directly, the inspector _____ the man was guilty.
A. declared B. implied C. disclosed D. said

[答案] B. implied.

[注释]imply 暗示,含有......的意思:Silence sometimes implies consent.(沉默有时暗示同意。)

2. At first it seemed that the building would be all right but later it was found to need _____.
A. installations B. modifications
C. innovations D. illustrations

[答案] B. modifications.

[注释]modification 更改,修改;installation 安装,装置;设备;innovation革命;illustration说明,例证,图解。按题意modifications最为切题。

3. We can only give you the _____ number of refugees crossing the border at the moment.
A. obscure B. approximate C. impartial D. imaginary

[答案] B. approximate.

[注释]approximate 近似的,大约的;obscure模糊的;impartial公正的,不偏的;imaginary假想的。

4. Magnificent views over the countryside have often _____ people to write poems.
A. convinced B. inspired C. induced D. attracted

[答案] B. inspired.

[注释]inspire 鼓励,激励,产生:
1)His speech inspired us to try again.
2)He inspired confidence in me.(他使我产生信心。)
3)The good news inspired us with hope. (这个好消息使我们产生希望。)

5. There are several landladies approved by the universities who take in _____.
A. lodgersB. residents C. inhabitants D. settlers

[答案] A. lodgers.

[注释]lodger客房;resident居民(对游客而言);local residents(当地居民),temporary residents(临时居民);

inhabitant(=person living in a place)居民:a small town of 5,000 inhabitants(有5,000居民的小镇);

settler殖民者,移居者;White settlers in Kenya(在肯尼亚侨居的白人);immigrant移民。


6. He is the rudest man I have ever met. Jane, his present secretary, is the only person who can _____ him.
A. respect B. stand C. support D. dislike

[答案] B. stand.

[注释]stand (=endure, bear, put up with)忍耐,忍受;
1)I can't stand that woman.
2)He cannot stand criticism.

7. The main road through Littlebury was blocked for three hours today after an accident _____ two lorries.
A. containing B. connecting C. involving D. including

[答案] C. involving.

[注释]involve 涉及到。例如:
1)This problem involves us all. (这个问题涉及到我们大家。)
2)His work involves occasional journeys. (他的工作使他不得不时常旅行。)
3) To accept the appointment would involve living in London. (接受这项任命将不得不住在伦敦。)
4)John was involved in the trouble. (约翰已陷入困境。)

contain 包含,装有;connect 连接,include 包括。


8. Jane read the article over ten minutes but continued to feel the event related were _____.
A. inheritable ible ible D. inaccessible

[答案] B. incredible

[注释]incredible 难以置信的;inheritable可继承的;infeasible不切实际的; inaccessible不可到达的(to)。

9. In some cities it is very difficult to have a telephone _____ , and people have to wait a long time before they can get a phone.
A. assembled led C. equipped D. repaired

[答案] B. installed.

[注释]install 安装;assemble(=put together) 装配;equip装备;repaire修理。

10. _____ up children properly is mainly their parents' duty.
A. Growing B. Rearing C. Bringing D. Raising

[答案] C. Bringing.

[注释]bring up 教育,教养,抚养大;
1)The child is badly brought up.
2) I was brought up to be honest.

grow up 成长,长大;发展,形成;
1)I grew up on a farm. (我在农庄长大。)
2)The custom of going away for one's holiday has grown up during the last thirty years. (外出度假的风俗习惯是最近30年形成的。)

rear培养,抚育;rear children.

raise[美国英语]养大;Where was he raised? (他在哪里长大的?) raise还有“饲养”的含义。

[注意]rearraise后不能接up,故本题不能选用rearing 或 raising.