1. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia's waving, but then it _____ his mind that she was trying to tell him something.
A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened

[答案] A. crossed.

[注释]cross one's mind 想起:
1)A sudden thought crossed my mind.
2)It never crossed my mind that he might refuse the request. (我从来没有想到他可能会拒绝这个请求。)

如用pass则应加through, 例如:
When Jane did not come home by midnight, many terrible fears passed through Mother's mind. (=Mother thought of many things that might have happened to Jane.)

1)That view of the case did not occur to me before. (对这个案件的那种看法以前我没有想到过。)
2)It occurred to her that she might adopt a homeless child.(她想到,她可以收养一个无家可归的孩子。)


2. His job at the hospital did not pay much, so he found another _____.
A. on the rise B. on the spot
C. on the decline D. on the side

[答案] D. on the side.

[注释]on the side(=in addition to a main thing) 额外;作为兼职:
1)He ordered a hamburger with onions and French fries on the side. (=He ordered a hamburger with onions and French fries extra.)
2)He does some house-keeping work on the side.(他帮人家做些家务活作为兼职。)

on the rise(作表语)在上升;on the spot 现场;
on the decline (做表语)在下降:The population in the country is on the decline. (这个国家的人口在下降。)

3. The filling station _____ because there were too many others on the street.
A. fell through B. went under
C. fell out D. went through

[答案] B. went under.

[注释]go under 破产,失败。fall through 也有“失败”之意,但多半指计划、想法等“落空”。

4. Air and the sun's rays create much distortion, and whatever tends to _____ their influence is useful to the astronomer.
A. exclude B. eliminate C. extinguish D. impose

[答案] A. exclude.

[注释]exclude 排除。extinguish扑灭;eliminate消除。
impose 把.....强加给:Don't impose your wishes on us.(不要把你的意思强加给我们。)

5. The lady who had invited us heard me telling my wife that the dinner was terrible so I was _____.
ed B. nervous ul assed

[答案] D. embarrassed.

[注释]be embarrassed 感到窘迫。

6. Animals should not be locked in cages; they should be in their normal _____.
A. environment on nce D. dwelling

[答案] A. environment.

[注释]environment(=surroundings, circumstances)环境,environment作集合名词用时,只用单数形式:
We should work hard to improve our environment. (单词,不可数)
Children need a happy home environment. (单数,可数)

7. I'm sorry but what he thinks is not of the _____ importance to me.
A. merest B. lowest C. last D. least

[答案] D. least.

[注释]least 是little的最高级形式。

8. He offered to _____ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.
A. lend B. help C. show D. loan

[答案] A. lend.

[注释]lend sb. a hand给某人帮个忙。

9. I have been looking for this book for months, and _____ I have found it.
least B. in no time last present

[答案] C. at last.

[注释]at last (=in the end)最终;at least至少;in no time 立即,马上;at present 目前。

10. It was the largest experiment we had ever had; it _____ six hours.
A. ended B. finished C. prolonged D. lasted

[答案] D. lasted.

[注释]last vi. (for) 持续