1. When there's doubt the examiner's decision is _____.
A. right B. final C. definite D. fixed

[答案] B. final.

[注释]final最终的,不会改变的。definite明确的。fixed固定的,不变的;a fixed income(固定收入)。right正确的。

2. Busy and successful as he was, the novelist was willing to _____ any promising young man and give him all the help he could.
A. take up B. pick up C. make up D. look up

[答案] A. take up.

[注释]take up把.....当作被保护人,关照,提携,列如:
This athlete was taken up by several Boston universities.(这个运动员得到波士顿大学的关照)


3. He did not find a job yet because he had no _____ to men who could help him.
A. approach B. application C. access D. approval

[答案] C. access.

[注释]have access to进入的路;能接近,进入,了解或使用(不可数名词)。列如:
1)We had access to his private files.(我们能接触他的私人档案。)
2)Only a few people have access to the full facts of the ase.(只有几人能了解案件的全部事实)
3)Only high officials had access to the emperor.(只有高级官员才能接近皇帝。)

1)He was warned of the enemy.(已警告他敌人已接近。)
2)His book represents a new approach to the difficulty.(他的书代表了处理困难的一种新方法)
3)The approach to the house was a narrow path.(通到这幢房子的路是一条小径。)


4. The old man got into the _____ of storing money under the bed.
A. tradition B. habit C. use D. custom

[答案] B. habit.

[注释]get into the habit of doing sth.意为“养成了做.....的习惯"。habit指个人的习惯,而custom则指社会的风俗习惯。tradition“传统"。

5. The beauty of the place is more than I can describe. I am sure whoever sees it will _____ its charm.
A. appeal to B. stick to C. keep to D. yield to

[答案] D. yield to.

[注释]yield to:屈服于;投降让步(经常有比较灵活的译法)。如:
The disease yielded to treatment.(=The disease was cured as the result of treatment.)(这病经过治疗已减轻或治愈。)

appeal to向。.....呼吁;stick to(=keep to)坚持。


6. Children are likely to get _____ if no one cares about their upbringing.
A. out of hand B. out of order
C. out of place D. out of work

[答案] A. out of hand.

[注释]get(or be) out of hand是习语,意为“无法控制,不受约束":
This situation appears to be completely out of hand.(看来形势已完全失去控制)

out of order有毛病,失灵;

out of place不得其所的,不适当的;

out of work失业。


7. When the Greeks had _____ the Persians, a soldier ran from Marathon to Athens.
A. won B. bitten C. beaten D. hit

[答案] C. beaten.

[注释]beat sb. 打败某人beat sb. black and blue(把某人打得鼻青脸肿)

hit,击,击中:hit a man on the head(打在人的头上);hit at sb.(向某人打去)

strike(=hit ,give a blow at blows to)打,击:strike a man on the chin(打在某人的下巴上)

win赢得,用作此义时,后不能接某人,可以说win a match, a victory, the first prize等

8. There was a large box behind the door and Peter couldn't _____ falling over it in the darkness.
A. help B. resist C. avoid D. prevent

[答案]C. avoid.

[注释]avoid 避免(后接动词或名词):
He tried to avoid answering my questions.

can't (couldn't) help doing sth. 禁不住做.....不由自主地做.....

can't (couldn't) resist doing sth.禁不住做.....: I couldn't resist laughing.

9.Maria is a _____ person and never makes any unreasonable demands.
A. sensitive B. sensible C. obedient D. jealous

[答案]B. sensible

[注释]sensible 通情达理的;sensitive敏感的;obedient顺从的;jealous 妒忌的,猜疑的,警惕的;

10. Violent programs on television may have a bad _____ on children.
A. affection B. pressure C. influence D. control

[答案]C. influence.

[注释]have a influence on 对..有影响;