1. It was with great delight that I read in your February _____ the letter to the Editor written by Prof. Johnson.
A. issue B. printing C. magazine D. copy

[答案] A. issue.

[注释] 根据题意,此处是指某杂志二月份的那一期,故应选 ng 印刷;印刷术。
至于 copy 与 issue 的区别,copy 指书刊的“本,册”;而 issue 是指报刊或杂志的“期”.

本题译文: 非常高兴地拜读了贵刊二月的一期中所登载的约翰逊教授致编辑的信。

2. What I'm telling you is strictly _____. Do not let anyone know of it.
A. secretive B. special C. individual ential

[答案] D. confidential.

[注释] confidential(=spoken or written in secret) 机密的,应保密的:
The information is confidential.

special 专门的,专用的: a special car(专车).

individual 个别的,单个的

secretive(=fond of keeping secrets) 爱保密的,守口如瓶的。
本题译文: 我现在告诉你的事是保密的,千万别让人知道。

3. The author had qualified as a doctor but later gave up the _____ of medicine for full-time writing.
A. prescriptionB. procedure C. treatment D. practice

[答案] D. practice.

[注释] practice(医生或律师的)业务,生意:
1 The lawer has a very good practice.
2 We call a doctor's work and the number of patients he look after his practice.(我们把医生的工作和医治病人的数目称为开业状况.)

prescription 药方;procedure 程序,手续;treatment 治疗,待遇。
本题译文: 这位作者当过医生,但后来放弃开业,专搞写作。

4. Julie is one of those women who always _____ the latest fashions.
A. put up with B. come up with
C. get on with D. keep up with

[答案] D. keep up with.

[注释] keep up with 跟上,与……并驾齐驱;及时了解。

put up with 忍受;get on with有进展;生活得……;come up with 提出。
本题译文: 朱莉是那些总赶时髦的女子之一.

5. Having made his first film earlier this year, he is _____ starting in a new one.
A. currently B. actually C. recently D. lately

[答案] A. currently.

[注释] currently 目前;actually 实际上;recently 近来;lately(=recently) 近来。

start in(on) 开始(做某事),常用于口语中,如:
1 Fred started in wedding the garden. (弗雷得开始在花园里除草。)
2 If we start in at once,we shall get the job finished early. (如果我们马上开始,我们可以早点完成这项工作。)

6. My house is very _____ for getting to work as it is only a few minutes from the station.
A. comfortable B. suitable C. convenient D. available

[答案] C. convenient.

[注释]convenient 方便的。suitable也可接for,但其词义和本题不符,故不能选.

7. When college students _____ future employment, they often think of status, income, and prestige.
A. demand B. assume C. apply D. anticipate

[答案] D. anticipate.

[注释] anticipate 预料,期望,预望:
The first question is one the John has anticipated. (第一个问题是约翰已经预料到的)

8. Alice _____ her father that both she and her husband would be happy if he would live with them.
ced rced d ed

[答案] A. convince

[注释]convince sb. +that从句意为“使……相信,说服……”。reinforce 加强,增强。pledge发誓,保证。

9. Neither of them thought highly of him and they both tried to _____ him in his work.
t s t

[答案] A. hamper.

[注释] hamper(=hinder)阻碍。prevent 防止,后接from.

10. She chose cushions of a color which would _____ her carpet.
A. equal B. agree C. help D. match

[答案] D. match.

[注释] match vt. 匹配;相配:
1 You can't match him in his knowledge of wild plants.(在野生植物知识方面,你无阀于他相比。)
2 Her hat does match her dress.(她的帽子与她的衣服不配。)

match vi. 相配: These gloves don't match.