1. She once again went through her composition carefully to _____ all spelling mistakes from it.
aw n sh ate

[答案]D. eliminate.

[注释]eliminate(=get rid of, do away with)消除,排除,淘汰:
1)Can the government eliminate poverty?(政府能否消除贫困?)
2)eliminate slang words form an essay(从文章中去掉俚语词)。

2. When the little child caught sight of the young woman _____ in white he started brawling immediately.
A. dressed B. wearing C. worn D. putting on

[答案]A. dressed.

[注释]be dressed in 穿这.....衣服。Wear意为“穿着”是及物动词,语法结构上与本题不符。Put on穿上,强调的动作。

3. Some areas, _____ their severe weather conditions, are hardly populated.
A. due to B. but for C. in spite of relation to

[答案]A. due to.

[注释]due to由于。有些语言专家认为due to引导的短语,在句中只能作表语,如:
1)His absence was due to the storm.
2)The delay was due to heavy traffic.
3)This accident was due to his carelessness.

但现代英语里due to引导的短语可以作状语用,如:
1)He failed due to carelessness.
2)Due to heavy traffic, he was late for an hour or so.

4. Many university courses are not really _____ to the needs of students or their future employers.
ated B. relative C. geared D. sufficient

[答案]C. geared.

[注释]be geared to与.....相连接的,与.....搭配得上的。

Be relative to与.....有关的:
This is not relative to the accident.(这和这次事故无关。)

5. If we can _____ our present difficulties, then everything should be all right.
A. get off B. come across C. come over D. get over

[答案]D. get over.

[注释]get over (difficulties)克服(困难)。

6. Be careful how you _____ that jug, it will break very easily.
 A. pour B. operate C. handle D. employ

[答案]C. handle.

[注释]handle意为“用手拿.....”:Wash your hands before you handle my books.

7. We suddenly saw the bus about to leave and had to run _____ to catch it.
A. hardly B. awkwardly C. hard D. strongly

[答案]C hard.

[注释]run hard意为“使劲跑”,句中hard是副词。Hardly“几乎不“,是否定副词,与本题不符。

8. He hated the war so much that he decided to leave the army _____.
A. for long B. once in a while
C. for good D. once upon a time

[答案] C. for good.

[注释] for good (=permanently)永久地:
He says he's leaving the country for good. for long 长久地。
按本题题意,用 for long 不妥。once upon a time 从前。once in a while 偶尔。

9. This year the farmers were just able to gather in the _____ before the fine weather came to an end.
A. collection B. harvest C. flower D. plant

[答案] B. harvest.

[注释] gather in “收获(庄稼)”: The farmers are gathering in the corn.

10. A successful scientist needs _____ if he wants to make hypothesis (假设) of how processes work and how events take place.
A. permission B. penetration
C. imagination D. convention

[答案] C. imagination.

[注释] imagination 想象力;penetration 穿透;permission 允许; convention 惯例,常规。