1. His test results are not very _____. He does well one week and badly the next.
A. invariable B. consequent C. continuous D. consistent

[答案]D. consistent.

1)始终如一,前后一致:He is not consistent in his statements.(他的话并不前后一致。)
2)与.....一致:The story is not consistent with the facts. What you say is not consistent with what you do.

2. The new safety regulations were agreed on after _____ with the work-force.
A. conference B. participation
C. intervention D. consultation

[答案]D. consultation.

hold a consultation with sb. about sth.(与某人商谈某事)。


3. The room was so quiet that she could hear the _____ of her heart.
A. hitting B. beating C. tapping D. knocking

[答案]B. beating.

[注释]beating 此处是动名词,指“(心)跳”:Her heart was beating furiously.

4. During World War II Malta managed to _____ most of Italian and German bombers by throwing up an effective anti-aircraft screen.
A. put out B. shut out C. come across D. get across

[答案]B. shut out.

[注释]shut out(=prevent from coming in; block)排除,排斥:
They shut out our dust by having double windows.(他们用双层窗户防尘。)

put out扑灭;get across越过;使人了解;come across偶然遇到。

5. I think we should let Maria go camping with her boyfriend. _____, she's a big girl now.
A. Above all B. After all C. First of all D. For all

[答案]B. After all.

[注释]after all毕竟。

for all + 名词”意为“尽管”: For all his wealth, he was unhappy.(尽管他富有,但他并不幸福。)

6. Jim's close _____ to his brother made people mistake them for one another.
A. confusion B. similarity C. resemblanceD. imitation

[答案]C. resemblance.

[注释]resemblance n. 像(to)。 resemble(vt.)像;
She resembles her mother.(=She takes after her mother.)


7. It has been decided that this company has the _____ right to print Mr. Smith's novels.
al ile ive ive

[答案]D. exclusive.

[注释]exclusive(=reserved to the person(s) concerned)独有的;
This bathroom is for the president's exclusive use.


8. He has recently _____ chess to provide himself with some relaxation.
A. taken on B. taken up C. held on D. held up

[答案]B. taken up.

[注释]take up开始从事

9. What a terrible experience! _____ , you are safe, that's the main thing.
A. Somehow B. Anyhow C. Somewhat D. Anywhere

[答案]B. Anyhow.

[注释]anyhow(at= any rate; in any case)无论如何,不管怎样。

10. John always tries to _____ people who are useful to him professionally.
A. develop B. provoke C. correspond D. cultivate

[答案]D. cultivate.

[注释]cultivate sb.结识(有地位的人),培养与.....的友谊:
He always tries to cultivate rich and famous people.(他总是极力结识有钱的知名人士。)