1. Circus tigers, although they have been tamed, can _____ attack their trainer.
A. unexpectedly B. deliberately
C. reluctantly D. subsequently

[答案]A. unexpectedly.

[注释]unexpectedly 出乎意料地。例如:
He unexpectedly failed to get the job.(他出乎意料没有得到这件工作。)
又如:We met each other unexpectedly. (我们不期而遇。)

deliberately 故意地:
I believe the house was deliberately set fire to.(我相信这房子是有人故意放火烧的。)

reluctantly 不情愿地,勉强地:
She agreed, very reluctantly, to help. (她十分不情愿地同意帮忙。)

He escaped from prison but was subsequently recaptured. (他越狱逃跑了,但后来又被抓回来。)

2. Stressful environments lead to unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating habits, which _____ increase the risk of heart disease.
A. in turn B. in return C. by chance D. by turns

[答案]A. in turn.

[注释]in turn (插入语)转而,依次,而又:
We need revision of estimated sales and this, in turn , will mean revision in production schedule. (我们必须修改预计销量,而这反过来又意为着修订生产计划。)

in return 作为报答:
I wish I could do something for you in return. (我要是能为你做点事作为回报就好了。)
I gave him a present but he gave me nothing in return.(我送给他一份礼物,可他却什么也不给我作为答谢。)

by chance (=by accident)偶然地;无意中:
I meet him by chance on Fifth Avenue.(我偶然在第5大街上遇到他。)

by turns 轮流地,依次:
There were twelve of us in the boat and we rowed by turns.(船上有12人,我们轮流划船。)

3. The patients believe that the doctor knows exactly how to put them _____.
A. correct B. perfect C. right D. well

[答案]C. right.

[注释]put sth. /sb. right 纠正;治好,使恢复健康:
Since man has done so much damage, it is up to man to put the matters right. (既然人类已造成了如此巨大的损害,人类就必须纠正这种状况。)
又如:This medicine will soon put you right. (这药很快会使你恢复健康。)其他3个选择均不能与put 构成习语,故不能入选。

4. They decided to leave the waiter a big _____ because the food and service had been excellent.
A. note B. reward C. tip D. gift

[答案]C. tip.

[注释]tip 本题中意为“小费”。

5. And you find that you're not to be _____ with a position of real responsibility.
A. offered B. trusted C. furnished D. retained

[答案]B. trusted。

[注释]trust sb. with sth. 把某事托付给某人:
I can't trust him with my car.(我不能把我的车托付给他。)

6. There was a good _____ of the countryside from the front of the bus.
A. sight B. view C. scene D. scenery

[答案]B. view.

It is a large room with a view of the doctor's well-kept garden. (这是一间大房间,从房间里能看到医生精心管理的花园。)

7. In aerospace devices the weight of the necessary power producing equipment is _____.
A. vital B. possible C. capable D. reliable

[答案]A. vital.

[注释]vital 极其重要的。本题译文:在航空航天装置中必要的动力设备的重量问题是至关紧要的。

8. This album is _____ as it was the only one ever signed by the President.
A. unusual B. unique C. rare D. special

[答案]B. unique.

[注释]unique(某一类中)独一无二的。如选unusual(不寻常的,独特的),虽然也说得过去,但毫无疑问,unique是最佳选择,因为它的后面the only one相呼应。

They went to London on a special train.[他们搭一班专车(或加班车)去伦敦。]

rare metals(稀有的金属)。Singular单数的。

9. Trains stop here in order to _____ passengers only.
A. get off B. pick up C. pull up D. pull in

[答案]B. pick up

[注释]pick up passages(接运旅客上车。)
pull in(火车)进站;(船)靠岸;pull up停车;get off下车。

10. He _____ the place where he had been bitten by an insect.
A. snatched B. scratched C. squeezed D. stretched

[答案]B. scratched.

[注释]scratch抓,搔。此外,有一常用习语:scratch one's head over sth.对某事迷惑不解,搔头皮。