1. Professor Jordon is well known for his _____ into the habits of the common housefly.
A. examination B. introduction
C. research D. expression

[答案]C. research

[注释]research into 对。..j进行研究:
1)(作动词用)He is researching into the reading problems of young school children.
2)(作名词用)to carry out a research(=some research)into the causes of brain damage.(对大脑损伤原因进行研究)。
研究可译为make researches into, make a study of 或直接用动词study vt或research into (a problem etc.).

2. The Prime Minister refused to comment on the rumor that he had planned to _____.
A. discharge B. dismiss C. resign D. resume

[答案]C. resign

[注释]resign(=give up a post)辞职:
1)imagine he will resign.2)It was his duty to resign his position.

discharge sb.= dismiss sb.解雇某人:He was discharged(=dismissed) for being dishonest.

3. It was decided to _____ the search when there was no hope of finding the missing girl alive.
A. call off B. take up C. keep off D. ring up

[答案]A. call off

[注释]call off(=cancel)取消。

4. He put in a special _____ for an extra day's holiday so that he could attend his daughter's wedding.
A. request B. demand C. inquiry D. proposal

[答案]A. request

[注释]request请求,put in a request for (提出请求)。enquiry询问,demand 需求,需要,proposal建议,均不和题意。

5. She _____ the temptation to buy a coat she could not afford.
nged cted ed

[答案]D. resisted.

[注释]resist 此处意指(=keep oneself back from)“忍住……”,resist temptation(不受诱惑)。

6. Scientists have to work hard to keep _____ with modern discoveries and developments.
A. company B. track C. touch D. pace

[答案]D. pace.

[注释]keep pace with跟上:
1)This horse is too weak to keep pace with the others.
2)I can't help pace with your plan.

Keep in touch with与。.....保持联系;了解(情况);
1)People can keep in touch with each other even when they do leave.
2)I find it very difficult to keep in touch with all the recent developments in my subject.(我觉得很难了解我的科目当前的一切新发展。)

Keep company(with)与……相好:
Never keep company with dishonest persons.(千万不要和不诚实的人来往。)

Keep track of 通晓事态,了解动向:
I find it difficult to keep track of my old friends.(我很难了解我的老朋友的情况。)
keep track of的反义结构是lose track of(失去联系)。

7. He didn't _____ what I read because his mind was on something else.
A. hold on B. catch on C. take in D. get over

[答案]C. take in

[注释]take in(=understand)理解。hold on(打电话时)不要挂断;catch on明白(作不及物动词用),catch on to懂得,明白(作及物动词用);get over克服。

8. We made plans for a visit but _____ difficulties with the car prevented it.
A. consequent B. subordinate
C. substantial D. subsequent

[答案]D. subsequent.

[注释]subsequent(=later, following)随后得,接着发生的:
subsequent events(随后发生的事件)。

His long illness and consequent absence put him behind in his work.根据题意,本题用subsequent更妥。

9. Arrogance and pride are similar in meaning, but there is _____ difference between them.
A. a submerged B. an indecisive
C. an indistinct D. a subtle

[答案]D. a subtle.

[注释]subtle微妙的,微细的,难以捉摸的。a subtle difference.(微细的差别)。Submerged浸没的;indecisive非决定性的,非结论性的,未清楚标明的;indistinct不清楚的,模糊的;subconscious下意识的。

10. This watch is _____ to all the other watches on the market.
A. superior B. advantageous C. super D. beneficial

[答案]A. superior.