1. It is clear that the whole world is passing through a social revolution in which a central _____ must be taken by scientists and technologists.
A. process B. attention C. measure D. part

[答案]D. part.

[注释]take part in参加。

2. The farmers were more anxious for rain than the people in the city because they had more _____.
A. at length B. at last C. at stake D. at ease

[答案]C. at stake.

[注释]at stake(=to be won or lost; risked, depending upon the result of sth.)在危险中;利害攸关;His life itself was at stake.(他的生命本身濒临危险。);

at last最终;at length详细地;at ease安详,自在,随便,不拘束:She knew he was not at ease.(她知道,他并不自在。)

3. When the big bills for mother's hospital care came, father was glad he had money in the bank to _____.
A. fall short of B. fall through
C. fall back on D. fall in with

[答案]C. fall back on.

[注释]fall back on求助于。

Fall short of没达到,低于:
1)He fell short of what we had expected.(他没有达到我们的期望。)
2)The measures proposed fall far short of what is required.(所提出的这些措施远没达到需要的 目标。)

Fall in with与......一致,符合;同意,赞成,支持。

Fall through落空。

4. These plastic flowers look so _____ that many people think they are real.
A. beautiful B. natural C. artificial D. similar

[答案]B. natural.


5. The managing director promised that he would _____ me as soon as he had any further information.
A. communicate B. notice C. notify D. note

[答案]C. notify.

[注释]notify通知。Notice n.通知;v.注意到;note n.笔记;v.记下,摘下。

6. When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes had _____ to visit London on business.
A. opportunity B. possibility C. occasion D. chance

[答案]C. occasion

[注释] occasion 作可数名词时,意为“时机”,作不可数名词时,意为“必要”,本题中occasion意为“必要”。从句语法结构上看,本句中用opportunity(难得的)机会,chance(偶然的)机会均可,但按逻辑意思,应用occasion.

7. The most important _____ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people.
A. element B. spot C. sense D. point

[答案]D. point.

[注释]point(=chief idea of sth. said, done, or planned)要点;论点,主旨:
I don't see your point.(我不明白你的意思。)He said nothing to the point.(他说的不切题。)

8. It has always been the _____ of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities.
A. plan B. campaign C. procedure D. policy

[答案]D. policy.




9. The climbers _____ their ambition by reaching the summit of the mountain.
A. obtained B. sustained C. maintained D. realized

[答案]D. realised.

[注释]realise sth. by doing sth. else通过做......来实现.......。

10. I remember her face but I cannot _____ where I met her.
A. recall B. remind C. remember D. remark

[答案]A. recall.

[注释]recall(=bring back to the mind)想起,回忆起:
But I really cann't recall your name at his moment.

Remind sb. of ...使......想起:
1)The photo reminds me of my late father.(这张照片使我想起已故的父亲。)
2)The sight of the clock reminded me that I was late.Remind sb. to sth.提醒......做......;
3)Please remind me to write the letter.