1. The reference she made to her friend, the poet, was interesting but too _____ for anyone to appreciate.
A. drastic B. dull C. obscure D. distinct

[答案]C. obscure.

[注释]obscure(=not clearly seen or understood)模糊难懂得。drastic激烈的,严厉的;dull单调的;distinct清楚的,明显的;截然不同的(from)。

2. He _____ his engagement just before the wedding.
A. broke out B. broke away from
C. broke off D. broke up

[答案]C. broke off.

[注释]break off(=cease suddenly, discontinue)突然中断
break off one's engagement(解除婚约)
Break off(=interrupt) one's conversation(打断谈话)
Break out(=begin suddenly)爆发
Break away from摆脱,从......退出

3. When she heard from the hospital that her father had died, she _____ into tears.
A. burst B. went C. exploded D. fell

[答案]A. burst

[注释]burst into tears放声大哭;又如:burst into thunderous cheers(发出雷呜般的欢呼);burst into laughing(捧腹大笑)。

4. Your help is _____ for the success of the project.
A. indispensable B. indicative
C. inevitable D. inherent

[答案]A. indispensable.

[注释]indispensable(to, for)不可缺少的,必需的。Indicative(of)指示的。Inevitable 不可避免的。Inherent固有的,内在的,天生的。

5. _____ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Sunday.
A. In spite of B. But for C. Because of D. As for

[答案]B. But for

[注释]but for(=without, except for)若非,要不是:But for your help we could not have finished it in time.(要不是你的帮助,我们本来不会及时完工。)

6. It was difficult to guess what her _____ to the news would be.
A. impression B. comment C. reaction D. opinion

[答案]C. reaction.

[注释]reaction(to)对......的反应:Our reaction to a joke is to laugh.

7. Our attitude toward our teachers should be _____, but not slavish or superstitious.
A. respectable B. respected C. respective D. respectful

[答案]D. respectful.

[注释]respectable(=deserving respect)值得尊敬的,品行端正的
respectful(=showing respect to)有礼貌的,表示尊敬的
Respecting prep.(=relating to; concerned with)关于,说到。

8. We could see that he was trying to _____ his own responsibility for the delay, instead of accepting his fault.
A. run over B. smooth over C. pass off D. turn down

[答案]B. smooth over.

[注释]smooth over(=make smooth, put right, balliate)使平息,使恢复正常的,掩饰:
1)I will try to smooth their quarrel over.(我将设法平息他们的争吵。)
2)Don't try to smooth over your fault.(不要设法掩饰你的过错。)

9. Glemp's heroic flight into space entitled him _____ a place in history.
A. for B. with C. to D. of

[答案]C. to.

[注释]entitle sb. to sth.(=give a right to)给予权利:
1)He is entitled to special treatment because of his rank(由于他的级别他有权享受特殊待遇。)
2) Officers are entitled to travel first class.(军官们有权乘头等车旅行。)

10. He's _____ drink and never does a stroke of work.
A. gone to B. taken to C. taken up D. gone for

[答案]B. taken to.

[注释]take to养成(某种习惯)。A stroke of一件。