1. Probability is the mathematical study of the _____ of an event's occurrence.
A. desire B. likelihood C. result D. effect

[答案] B. likelihood

[注释] 句意:概率是对事件发生的可能性的数学研究。

2. Driving a car without insurance can have _____ consequences.
A. uncertain B. disastrous C. potential D. unworthy

[答案] B. disastrous.

[注释] disastrous 灾难性的。

3. The police refused to _____ the clues they were working on.
A. exhibit B. disclose C. expose D. discern

[答案] B. disclose.

[注释]disclose (=uncover; allow to be seen; make known) 透露, 使显露:
1) The lawyer disclosed the details of the case.
2) He disclosed that he had made arrangements to buy a new car.

exhibit 展览, 展出, 显示, expose 暴露,discern 认出, 发现, 辨别,识别。

4. What you have done is _____ the doctor's orders.
A. attached to B. resistant to
C. responsible to D. contrary to

[答案] D. contrary to.

[注释] (be) contrary to与.......相反, 违反

1)作表语):What you wish to do is contrary to the regulations.

a. If you act contrary to the doctor's advice, you won't get well again.
b. Contrary to what I thought, he has proved to be successful.

3) 作定语:The boy was swimming in a direction contrary to the current. (这男孩朝着逆流方向游去。)

5. The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of _____ quality, he'd tell them so.
A. minor B. humble C. inferior D. awkward

[答案] C. inferior

[注释] inferior
本题译文:这位商店售货员对顾客很坦率。如果货物质量不好, 他就把情况告诉顾客。

6. The continuous rain was _____ for the exceptional poor harvest
A. blamed B. condemned C. accused D. charged

[答案] A. blamed.

[注释] blame sb./sth. for ... 因.......埋怨、责怪 .......:He blames you for neglect of duty. (他责怪你玩忽职守。) condemn 谴责、判刑。Accuse sb. of控告某人犯有.......。charge sb. with控告某人犯有......。

7. The rocks are very big with _____ of colors on them.
A. bands B. marks C. rails D. shapes

[答案] A. bands.

[注释] band (颜色与其余部分不同的) 条纹。Mark痕迹, 斑点; 记号, 标记。本题是讲岩石上色彩不同的“条纹”, 故用bands. rail (轨道) ,shape (形状) ,均不合题意。

8. There were no tickets _____ for Friday's performance.
A. preferable B. possible C. considerable D. available

[答案] D. available.

[注释] available (=capable of being used; that may be obtained) 可利用的; 可以找到的:
1) These tickets are available for one month. (这些票的有效期一个月。)
2) Is there a doctor available? (有否可以找到大夫?)
3) A limited number of seats are still available. (仍然还有少量座位。)

9. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the witness _____ that his story was true.
A. stuck out B. stood out C. kept down D. held up

[答案] A. stuck out.

[注释]stick out 坚持

10. In a typhoon, winds _____ a speed greater than 120 kilometers per hour.
A. assume B. accomplish C. attain D. assemble

[答案] C. attain.

[注释] attain (=succeed in doing or getting) 达到 (目的等) ,取得 (成就等) :I hope you will attain your object, accomplish (顺利) 完成。assume假定, 假设, 承担。assemble集合; 装配。