Group P 高中英语听力专线(七)



1.What do we learn about the woman from this conversation?

A. She plans to send out all the invitations.

B. She’s a new student.

C. She thinks the man is right.

2. What does the man mean?

A. He didn’t know which hospital Bill was in.

B. He took Bill to the hospital.

C. He forgot to call the woman.

3. What does the woman mean?

A. She hasn’t heard from the professor in a week.

B. The class has extra time to complete the assignment.

C. She only just found out about the economics paper.

4. What does the woman mean?

A The doctor has stopped seeing new patients.

B.The doctor’s clinic will be closed tomorrow.

C.The doctor’s schedule is filled tomorrow.

5. What does the woman want to know?

A.Where the meeting is being held.

B.Where Joe will meet her.

C.What the topic of the meeting is.




6. What does the man want to do?

A.To have his shoes mended.

B.To buy a pair of new shoes.

C.To do shopping in a supermarket.

7. How far is the supermarket?

A.Two blocks away.B.Five blocks away.

C.Six blocks away.

8.How will the man go to the place?

A.By bus.B.On foot.C.In his car.


9. What’s the relationship between the two speakers?

A.Secretary and boss.B.Teacher and student.

C.Doctor and patient.

10. Why was she late?

A.Her aunt called her to get up late.

B.She missed the bus.

C.She got a telephone call.

11.What can we know about the teacher?

A.He is strict with his students.

B.He is cold to his students.

C.He gets angry easily.


12.Where does the conversation take place?

A.In a company.B.In a factory.

C.In a hospital.

13. Why can’t the woman sleep well?

A.Because she has been working too hard.

B.Because she has a family problem.

C.Because she has a high fever.

14. What does the doctor suggest that the woman should do?

A.She should take some medicine.

B.She should take holidays.

C.She should change a job.


15.What are they talking about?

A.A story about a friend who was on a sweet potato diet.

B.How to keep diet.

C.People should eat all kinds of things.

16.Why was the friend ill?

A.Because he wanted to lose weight.

B.Because sweet potatoes can’t provide him with everything he needs.

C.Because he ate sweet potatoes.

17.What is the best way to keep diet?

A.To eat every kind of food.

B.To eat less  meat.

C.To eat less and exercise more.


18.When did the speaker first see the film?

A.Last night. B.At the age of 20.

C. At the age of 9.

19.Why did the speaker think it was a good film for the girls?

A.Because she liked it at their age.

B.Because it was a story about animals.

C.Because it was a funny story.

20. What is the video about?

A.Romeo and Juliet.

B.A love story between two dogs.

C.Different lives of two dogs.