Group P高中英语听力专线()



1.Why doesn’t the woman like to have red wine?

A.Because she doesn’t like its taste.

B.Because she prefers beer.

C.Because she is afraid of getting drunk.

2.What is the man going to buy?


3.What are the two speakers doing?

A.Looking for some suitcases.

B.Booking tickets for a journey.

C.Checking the woman’s baggage.

4.Why would the woman rather stay at the hotel?

A.It costs less money.

B.It saves much labor.

C.It feels more comfortable.

5. What are the two speakers talking about?

A.A painting.   B.A country scene.

C.A kind of drink.




6.What is the relationship between the two speakers?


7.What can’t the man wait to do?

A.Go shopping with his wife.

B.Look after his children.

C.Work in his garden.

8.When does this conversation most probably take place?

A.On Wednesday.B.On Friday.

C.On Saturday.


9.What is the man trying to return to the store?

A.A dress.     B.A shirt.       C.A sweater.

10.Why does the man want to return the item?

A.It is the wrong size.   B.It has a hole.

C.  It gets smaller and fades.

11.What does the woman offer to do for the man?

A.Return his money.    B.Exchange the item.

C.Give him store credit.


12.What’s the relationship between the woman and the man?

A.Teacher and student.B.Mother and son.


13.Why didn’t the man come to the class last night?

A.He came back late and his friend was tired.

B.He had given it up.

C.He had been writing reports all day long.

14.What can we know about the man?

A.He is interested in learning foreign languages.

B.He can communicate with his friends in English.

C.He had studied the language before he came.


15.Why does the man feel bad?

A.He is out of work.

B.He isn’t used to the life there.

C.He has nobody else to talk to.

16.In what way is the woman speaking to the man?



17.According to the dialogue,what is their last decision?

A.To look for a job together.

B.To have a visit.

C.To move to the island.


18.How many world’s flags contain red?


19.Why do people dislike black?

A.It means danger.

B.It makes people not noticed.

C.It makes people feel afraid.

20.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A.Different colors have different meanings.

B. Yellow is a very relaxing color and blue is a very calm color.

C.People who wear gray want to cover themselves to all.