Group P高中英语听力专线()



1.What does the man mean?

A.He was hit by the explosion.

B.He was frightened.

C.He needed to have the hair cut.

2. Where is the man going?

A.The police station.B.The city library.

C.The supermarket.

3.How will the woman get to the party?

A.By car.B.By bus.C.On foot.

4.When does the woman’s class start on Tuesdays?

A.At 10:00.B.At 9:00.C.At 8:00.

5.What instrument does Mary play?

A.The violin.B.The drum.

C.The piano.




6.Why did the man put the paper on the floor?

A.He saw other people do so.

B.The basket was thrown away.

C.  The basket was full.

7.Where does the conversation most probably take place?

A.On the playground.   

B.In the classroom.

C.At the back of the school.

8. What will the man do next?

A. Put the waste paper in the dustbin.

B.Clean the playground.

C.Help others with the cleaning.


9.When did the conversation take place?

A.In the morning.B.In the afternoon.

C.In the evening.

10.Why did the boy say“God-damned water”?

A.The water was too cold.

B.The water was too hot.

C.The water was too dirty.

11.Where was the towel?

A.On a shelf. B.Outside.     

C.On a chair.


12.What does the woman prefer?

A.American coffee.     B.French coffee.

C.English coffee.

13. Why does the man start the talk?

A.He wants to do something for his wife.

B.He wants to do something for the woman.

C.He wants to help himself to some coffee.

14.What’s the relationship between the two speakers?

A.Seller and buyer.     B.Husband and wife.



15.When is Eric supposed to play basketball?

A.Every Thursday that month.

B.A week from Thursday.

C.Thursday and Friday,the third and fourth.

16.When does this conversation take place?

A.In the summer.B.In the winter.

C.In the fall.

17.What’s the name of the hotel where Sally and Eric are going to stay?

A.The Wilmington Hotel.

B.The River Inn.

C.The Strawberry River Inn.


18.What was Christa doing when she was selected?

A.She was studying history.

B.She was teaching.

C.She was working as an astronaut.

19.How many people applied to go on flight STS-5l-L?

A.11,000.                B.3,984.                C.1,948.

20.What happened to Judy in 1977?   

A.She became the second woman into space.

B.She was selected for astronaut training.

C.She got a Ph.D.