Group P高中英语听力专线()



1.Why did the woman get the book so late?

A.The post office lost the book.

B.It was on the way for 3 years.

C.It was the man’s  boss’ fault.

2. How much does one ticket cost?


3.What is the man’s attitude towards the cafeteria?

A.He doesn’t mind eating there.

B.He doesn’t like the food there.

C.He likes the food,but it’s crowded.

4.Why does the woman ask the man to copy the note?

A.His handwriting is good.

B.He can type quickly.

C.He is good at computers.

5.What do we learn from this conversation?

A.The man won’t go to the concert.

B.The woman will go home for dinner.

C.The man and the woman will eat together.




6. What does the man cook for dinner?

A.A pizza.    B.A hamburger.

C.A sandwich.

7.What does the woman think of the food?

A.Very delicious.       B.Too salty.

C.A little spicy.

8. Where will they probably have their dinner?

 A.At home.            B.At a restaurant.

C.In the man’s office.


9.What does the man show to the woman?

A.His visa.B.His ID card.

C.His passport.

10.What does the woman suggest the man do?

A.Take his luggage with him.

B.Carry less luggage.

C.Check his luggage.

11.Where are the speakers?

A.At a bus stop.

B.At an airport.

C.At a railway station.


12.What’s the relationship between the two speakers?


B.Shop assistant and customer.

C.Waitress and customer.

13.What happened to the man’s records?

A.He lost them in Canada.

B.He sent them to his sister.

C.He broke them accidentally.

14.How much is each of the record?



15.Where are the two speakers?

A.In the USA. B.In Europe.

C.In China.

16. Why is there no national health insurance here?

A.The government hasn’t realized its importance.

B. The people don’t think the government can do it better.

C.The government hasn’t paid enough money for it.

17. What does the man think of having good insurance?

A.Expensive. B.Unnecessary.



18.What service is being advertised?

A.Carpet cleaning.       B.Food service.

C.House repair.

19. What is the cost of the service if customers call now?

A.$4.49.         B.$25.46.       C.$ 29.95.

20. Who is most likely to call for the service?

A.Master Cleaners.   

B.Repair workers.