1. I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's _____.
ess able hy D. worthless

[答案] D. worthless.

[注释] worthless 无价值的, 无用的。Priceless 无价的, 贵重的, 无法估价的:a priceless treasure 无价之宝。Invaluable 无法估价的, 非常宝贵的。Unworthy 不值得的, 不配的; 无价值的。

2. The final _____ of the play will take place on Monday.
A. action B. performance C. view D. sight

[答案] B. performance.

[注释]performance (话剧的) 一场演出。

3. It was a long time before the cut on my hand _____ completely.
A. healed B. cured C. improved D. recovered

[答案] A. healed.

[注释] heal
1) 使痊愈, 治愈:The salve will help to heal the wound. (这种药膏能治愈你的伤。)
2) 痊愈 (多指外伤) :The cut on my leg has healed. (我腿上的伤口以痊愈。) 可见, 本题是heal的第二种用法。

cure治疗, 治好;
1) The drug cured my fever. (这种药使我退烧了。)
2)This medicine should cure you of your cold. (这种药定会治好你的感冒。)

recover也可以表示“痊愈”, 意为“恢复正常”。例如:
1) I think she will recover. (我认为她会痊愈的。)
2) He almost fell ill, but quickly recovered. (他差点病到, 但很快就痊愈了。)
也可以用recovered做表语表示“痊愈, 恢复正常:Are you completely recovered from your illness? (你的病是不是完全好了?)

[注意] recover vi. 用作“痊愈”时, 句子主语通常是人。Improve 改善, 此词无“治疗”或“痊愈”之意。

4. To get my travelers' checks I had to have the bank _____ a special check for the total amount.
A. make up B. make out C. make for D. make up for

[答案] B. make out.

[注释] make out 辨别

5. She said she was glad the difficulty had been _____.
A. cleared away B. cleared up
C. broken away D. broken down

[答案] B. cleared up.

[注释] clear up 解释, 澄清; 解决:
1) I had some doubts, but now they are cleared up. (以前我有许多疑点, 但现在都解决了。)
2) The book has cleared up many difficulties for me. (这本书解决了我不少困难。)

clear away 清除

6. I used to be able to play well but I'm _____ now.
A. out of date B. out of touch
C. out of practice D. out of place

[答案] C. out of practice.

[注释] out of practice荒废, 久不练习; out of date 过时, 老式; out of touch失去联系; out of place不在适当的位置

7. As soon as the children were _____, their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom.
A. woke B. waken C. wake D. awake

[答案] D. awake.

[注释]awake adj.醒着的 (作表语) .Awake, awaken, wake, waken都可以作及物和不及物动词用, 但是awake多用作不及物动词, 其中wake最常用。

8. Jim was so badly burnt that at first they began to _____ of his life.
A. despair B. designate C. disappoint D. despise

[答案] A. despair.

[注释] despair of (=be in despair) 对。......失望:
1) Don't despair: things will get better soon.
2) He began to despair of success.
3) He despaired of being able to repair the TV set. (他对能否修好这台电视机表示失望。)

designate指明, 指出, despise 轻视, 藐视。

9. The government's strong action demonstrated its _____ to crush the rebellion.
A. energy B. resistance C. courage D. determination

[答案] D. determination.

[注释] determination意为“决心”, 后常接动词不定式作定语。

10. New mineral resources may be discovered during the forthcoming Antarctic _____.
A. excursion B. execution C. extraction D. expedition

[答案] D. expedition.

[注释]expedition 远征, 探险; excursion 短途旅行, 游览; execution 实施, 执行; extraction 提取。