Group O高中英语听力专线()



1.How many marks did John get on the TOEFL test?


2.What is the man going to do?

A.Run to the airport.

B.Wait for another plane.

C.Hurry to the bus stop.

3.How does the woman go to John’s home?

A.By bus.B.On foot.

C.Take the man’s car.

4. What does the woman mean?

A.Not everyone will get a meal.

B.Not everyone will like the meals.

C.Not everyone will stay for lunch.

5.Who probably is the man?

A.An airport clerk.B.A pilot.

C.A taxi driver.




6.What is the woman telling her father about?

A.Her visit to Greenwich Village.

B.Her plan for her holiday.

C.Her sightseeing experience.

7.When is the woman going to see a show?

A.On her last night.

B.Next weekend.



8.What did the woman do on Friday?

A.She prepared for the exam.

B.She attended a class activity.

C.She had a history lesson.

9.What is the weather in the desert like at night?

A.Hot and dry.B.Hot and wet.

C.Cool and dry.

10.Why is it easy to see different rocks in the desert?

A.There are very few plants.

B.There are too many rocks.

C.There are different colors of rocks.


11.For what season does the man want to buy something?

A.Winter.    B.Autumn.     C.Spring.

12.What is the first hat made of?

A.Silk.     B.Cotton.    C.Wool.

13.How much does the man save?

A.Six dollars.         B.Seven dollars.

C.Ten dollars.

14.What does the man want to have in addition?

A. A red hat.          B.A red sweater.

C.A black sweater.


15.What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A.Topics for their term paper.

B.Different majors.

C.Holiday plans.

16.What does the man plan to study in graduate school?

A.Law.B.Business.  C.Literature.

17.Where does the woman suggest they meet next Wednesday?

A.At the school gate.    

B.At a reading room.

C.At a snack bar.


18.What is the speaker trying to organize?

A.A welcome party.  

B.A wedding party.

C.A goodbye party.

19.What is not mentioned about the party?

A.Finding a suitable place.

B.How many people will be invited.

C.Tom’ s love of whisky.

20.Who does the speaker want to hear from?

A.People who know Tom well.

B.People who want to organize the party.

C.People who have worked with Tom.