Group O高中英语听力专线()



1.What’s wrong with Henry?

A.He was in hospital.

B.He had a heart attack.

C.He was late for work.

2.How many American soldiers have been killed in wars?


3.How is the man going to Pittsburgh?

A.By taxi.B.By train.

C.By subway.

4.Where does the dialogue take place?

A.In a bookshop.

B.In a library.

C.In the reading room.

5.What does the woman mean?

A.She doesn’t like singing.

B.She has just downloaded some new songs from the Internet.

C.She can’t sing any songs.




6.What does the woman prefer?

A.A cheap hotel.B.A modern hotel.

C.An expensive hotel.

7.Where is the hotel the woman prefers?

A. Next to a bank.

B.Opposite to a supermarket.

C.Next to a restaurant.

8.Where does the conversation most probably take place?

A.Near a bank.B.Near a hotel.

C.In a restaurant.


9.Why is the mother leaving?

A.Because there is going to be a flood.

B.Because she is going to help  the flooded people.

C.Because she is going to look after the patients in the hospital.

10.What is the family like?

A.The family is full of care and love.

B.The boy’s father is too busy to ask for a leave.

C.The mother never cares for her son.

11.Who will pick the boy up after school when his mother leaves?

A.His father.B.His grandfather.C.No one.


12.What are the speakers talking about?

A.A job.  B.A job interviewee.

C.An employee.

13.What does the woman think of Candy?

A.She was unconfident.

B.She was impressive.

C.She was nervous.

14.What worried the man most about Candy?

A.Her dress.    B.Her speech.

C.Her behavior.


15.When does the man decide to return?

A.On Saturday the 10th.

B.On Sunday the 11th.

C.On Friday the 10th.

16.How long will the flight take?

A.Two and a half hours. B.Three hours.

C.Three and a half hours.

17.Who is the woman speaker?

A.A travel agent.      B.An operator.

C.A ticket collector.


18.What was done to find people’s ideas about the women’s  movement?

A.A question was asked of husbands.

B.A group was set up to interview people.

C.A survey was made to both men and women.

19.Who help most at home?

A.Danish husbands.    B.British husbands.

C.Italian husbands.

20.What can we learn from what the speaker said?

A.Housework should be shared between men and women.

B.More than 50% of Danish men help in the house.

C.Danish men are more afraid of their wives.