Group N高中英语听力专线()



1.Where is Fred now?

A.At the restaurant.B.In the class.C.At home.

2.What do the two speakers think of the opera?

A.Both of them like it.

B.Only the woman likes it.

C.Only the man likes it.

3.What about the woman’s father?

A.He is very old now.

B.He is in poor health.

C.He is upset at home.

4.Why was the boy afraid that his father would scold him?

A.He had broken his father’s glass.

B.He hadn’t passed the examination.

C.He had broken his father’s glasses.

5.What are the speakers talking about?

A.A record.B.Some singers.

C.A live concert.




6. What is the woman thinking about?

A.Getting more money.

B.Doing better in her job.

C.Changing her job.

7. How does the woman like her present job?

A.It is difficult.B.It is interesting.

C.It is highlypaid.

8.When does the woman have to decide?


C.The day after tomorrow.


9.What does the woman really like?

A.Folk music.B.Pop concert.C.Opera.

10. What are the exhibitions the woman often goes to about?

A.Madonna.B.Famous people.C.Actors.

11. How does the woman find Madonna?

A.She appreciates her.

B.She doesn’t really like her.

C.It is a bit too heavy for her.


12.What is the woman like?
A.She is in pink.

B.She is in good health.  

C.She is very clever.

13.Who went to see the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center during the new year holiday?

A.The woman.B.The man.C.Both of them.

14.Is there any possibility that the man will get an Olympic sailing ticket?

A.No,there is no possibility.

B.Yes,he is sure to get one ticket.

C.Yes,but not much.


15.What’s the woman doing in the talk?

A.Comforting.B.Suggesting.  C.Criticizing.

16.What do we know about the man?

A.He must be the person in charge.

B.He is always busy.

C.He just had a picnic last week.

17.What will the man probably do next?

A.Ask the woman to work for him.

B.Take his time.

C.Plan for his relaxation.


18. Where did the accident happen according to the material?

A.In the street.

B.At the driving test center.

C.In the park.

19. What caused the accident?

A.The car was out of control when it was parked.

B.The car the woman was driving hit some other parked ones.

C.The car beside the man was on fire all of a sudden.

20.How many cars were hit hy the woman’s car?