Group O 高中英语听力专线(四)



1.What is the possible relationship between the two speakers?

A.Manager and secretary.

B.Wife and husband.

C.Waiter and customer.

2. What time does the last train leave for London?

A.At 8:35 am.B.At 8:35 pm.

C.At 7:25 pm.

3.What was the guy doing?

A.Driving a car.B.Riding a bike.

C.Getting crazy.

4.Why does the woman want to see Professor Wang?

A.To ask for a sick leave.

B.To talk about a class.

C.To get help with her paper.

5.What did the man mean?

A.They intended to go outing today.

B.They stood outside for too long.

C.They had a wrong weather report.




6.When did the strange thing happen?

A.When the woman and her family were watching TV.                     

B.When the woman and her family were having supper.

C.When the woman and her family were sleeping.

7. What happened to the TV?

A.The TV didn’t work.           

B.The TV began to change channels rapidly.

C.The TV broke down.

8.What was the weather like that night?

A.Rainy.B.Sunny. C.Cloudy.


9. Why can’t  Elaine Strong answer the phone?

A.She’s attending a meeting.   

B.She’s out of the office.        

C.She’s talking with another customer.

10. What does the man want the woman to fax?

A.Information about aftersales service.                

B.A picture of the newest computers.

C.Materials of software products.

11. When will the man probably talk with Elaine Strong on the phone?

A.About 5:00.B.About 3:30.

C.About 4:30.


12.Where does the conversation take place?

A.In a ship.B.In a flight.C.In a train.

13.Why does the man go to London?

A.To pursue his master degree.

B.To do business.

C.To attend an international meeting.

14.Why do the woman’s parents want her to do Business Studies?

A.Because they want her to run a company.

B.Because they want her to be a career woman.

C.Because they want her to take over the family business.


15.How long will Jane stay in Florida?

A.Only one day.B.Two or three days.

C.For Christmas time.

16.What can be concluded about the man?

A.He has been to Disneyland.               

B.He has read a book about Disneyland.

C.He has seen a film introduction to Disneyland.

17.How many sections is Disneyland made up of?

A.Four. B.Five.C.Six.


18.What is the speaker?

A.A teacher.  B.A student.C.A worker.

19. What can we know about Mr White?

A.He comes from England.

B.He is unwilling to work here.

C.He will stay here for at least two years.

20. Which other goals does the school have besides teaching English?

A.To teach students how to get along well with foreigners.

B.To promote understanding and cooperation between the young people of the two countries.

C.To teach students American history and culture.