7.divide...into... 把……分成……
divide...between/among/with... 和……分担/分配/分享
divide...by... 用……除以……
divide...in half (two)/into halves 把……分成两部分


(1)The train __________ at York.这列火车在约克市调动车厢分途行驶。

(2)The teacher __________ the class ______ small groups for a discussion. 老师把这班分成几个小组进行讨论。

(3)We ______ the work _________________ us.我们分担这项工作。

(4)30 ____________ 6 is 5.30 除以6等于5。

答案是:divides;divided into;divide between/among;divided by

8.break away (from) 挣脱;脱离

break down (机器)出故障;(讨论、谈判、希望、计划等)失败;打破;(化学)分解;身体垮掉

break in 破门而入;打断

break into 闯入;突然……起来(后接 tears, laughter等)

break out 战争爆发;(火灾)发生

break off 折断,打断;突然停止讲话;休息;断绝;结束

break through 突围;突破;冲垮;克服

break up 拆开,结束;解散


(1)It was wrong for him to __________________ all his good friends. 他和他的好朋友决裂是错误的。

(2)The students were encouraged to __________________ the bad habits. 学生们被鼓励改掉坏习惯。

(3)The elevators in the building are always _______________. 这幢楼里的电梯总出故障。

答案是:break away from;break away from;breaking down

(4)Peace talks have ____________ over the question of reparations. 和谈因战后赔款问题而中止。

(5)Bacteria ____________ the animal waste to form methane.细菌使动物粪便分解成沼气。

(6)If Tim carries on working like this, he‘ll ____________ sooner or later.如果蒂姆继续这样工作,身体迟早会垮掉。

答案是:broken down;break down;break down

9.leave out 省去;遗漏;不考虑

leave about 乱放(东西)

leave alone 别管;别惹;不打扰

leave aside 搁置

leave behind 留在后面;没带走

leave for (=go off to) 动身去……

leave off 停止;中断


(1)①In copying this paper, be careful not to ____________ any word.抄这个文件时,注意不要漏掉任何一个字。

②You can ____________ the details; just give us the main facts.你可以省去细节,告诉我们主要的事实就行了。

③Don‘t ______ our teachers ______ from the invitations.请不要忘记邀请我们的老师们。

答案是:leave out;leave out;leave out


①I think we should leave ______ now and have a cup of tea.

②Can you tell me the time? I've left my watch __________.

③She left ______ an important detail in her account.

④Don't you think we'll leave ______ the concert now?

⑤A railway station is no place for a child to be left ______ at night.


10.take the place of (=replace) 代替;取代

take place (事情)发生,产生;举办,举行

take one‘s place 代替,接替

in place of 代替

in place 在适当的位置

in the first place 最初,首先,第一


(1)I’ll __________________ my father to  run the company./_______________________ to run the company.我将代替我父亲管理公司。

(2)Mr Li is ill, so I’ll __________________him to give you lessons./give you lessons _____________ him.李老师生病了,因此我替代他给你们上课。

答案是:take the place of;take my father’s place;take the place of;in place of

(3)I can’t go to the meeting myself, so Mary will ______________.我不能亲自出席会议,因此玛丽将替代我。

(4)Their wedding will ____________ next month.他们下个月举行婚礼。

(5)Please put the book _________.请把书放在原处。

答案是:take my place;take place;in place