7. 2010·四川卷 完形填空

Recently, I flew to Las Vegas to attend a meeting. As we were about to arrive,the pilot announced with apology that there would be a slight  21     before setting down. High desert winds had   22   the airport to close all but one runway. He said that we would be   23    the city for a few minutes waiting to   24  . We were also told to remain in our seats meanwhile with our seat belts fastened  25   there might be a few bumps(颠簸).Well, that few minutes turned into about four—five minutes,including a ride that would make a roller coaster(过山车)  26  by comparison.

The movement was so fierce that several passengers felt  27   and had to use airsickness bags. As you might guess,that’s not good thing to have happen in a(n)  28    space because it only  29   to increase the discomfort of the situation. 

About twenty minutes into the adventure,the entire airplane became very  30 .

There was now a sense of anxiety and fear that could be  31   noticed.Every passenger simply held on for dear life …except one. A  32  was having a good time! With each bump of the  33  !he would let out a giggle(咯咯的笑) of delight As I observed this,I   34    that he didn’t know he was supposed to be afraid and worried about his  35  . He neither thought about the past nor about the future Those are what we grown—ups have learned from  36   .He was  37  the ride  because had not yet been taught to fear it. Having  understood this,I took a deep breath and   38  back into my seat,pretending I was   39   on a roller coaster. I smiled for the rest of the flight. I even  40   to giggle once or twice, much to the chagrin(懊恼) of the man sitting next to me holding the airsickness bag.

21. A. mistake      B. delay      C. change   D. wind 

22. A. forced       B. warned     C. swept    D. reminded

23. A. watching     B. visiting    C. circling   D. crossing

24. A. arrive       B. enter       C. stop     D. land

25. A. if           B. though     C. because  D. while

26. A. light        B. pale        C. easy     D. quick

27. A. sick         B. nervous     C. angry    D. afraid 

28. A. empty        B. narrow     C. secret   D. open

29. A. happens      B. continues   C. fails     D. serves 

30. A. quiet         B. hot        C.  dirty    D.  crowded

31. A. partly         B.  gradually     C. shortly     D. clearly

32. A. pilot           B. baby          C.  guard     D.  man

33. A. seats          B.  passengers     C. flight     D. airplane

34. A. realized       B.  hoped        C.  agreed    D.  insisted

35. A. health       B. safety           C. joy        D. future

36. A. teachers         B. books         C.  experience   D.  practice

37. A. learning     B.  taking      C.  missing       D.  enjoying

38. A. sat        B. lay            C. went            D. rode

39. A. nearly      B.  finally      C.  really          D.  suddenly 

40. A. attempted    B.  managed     C.  wanted       D.  decidedw


21. 答案:B

解析:根据 “High desert winds…to close all but one runway”可知因沙尘暴关闭所有的跑道,只留一条,故应为延时降落。

22. 答案:A

解析:因为沙尘暴迫使机场关闭跑道。 B为“警告”;C意为“打扫,席卷”;D意为“提醒”,均不符合题意

23. 答案:C

解析:飞机在等待降落的过程中应该是绕城市盘旋。故应选C。 A. watch用于着动态的场面; B. visit意为“参观,拜访”; D. cross意为“横穿”

24. 答案:D


25. 答案:C


26. 答案:B

解析:make…pale by comparison “使……相形见绌”,此处用以强调飞机在空中极不稳定

27. 答案:A

解析:句意为:“象过山车一样的巨烈运动使旅客恶心而不得不用呕吐袋。A. sick 意为“恶心的”;B. nervous意为“紧张的”; C. angry 意为“生气的”;D. afraid意为“害怕的”。

28.答案: B

解析:此空前的that指的是using airsickness bags,也就是发生在飞机上狭小空间中的呕吐,因此选用narrow“狭窄的”,后面的space指的是飞机内部空间。empty 意为“空的”,secret意为“秘密的”,均不合题意。

29.答案: A


30. 答案:A

解析:根据后面的 a sense of anxiety and fear可知,人们都很紧张、焦虑,在这种情形下飞机上的人一定是静悄悄的。

31. 答案:D


32. 答案:B

解析:从后文中的 “he didn’t know he was supposed to be afraid and worried…Those are what we grown—ups have learned …”他不知道害怕和着急……,那是我们成年人……,可推测出应该是孩子

33. 答案:D


34. 答案:A


35. 答案:B


36. 答案:C


37. 答案:D


38. 答案:A

解析:sat back into my seat意为坐回到座位上

39. 答案:C


40.答案: B

解析:我甚至咯咯地笑了一两次。作者应该是真的笑出了声,才让邻座的手拿呕吐袋的人懊恼。做成了某事用managed to do.