Although I love my life, it hasn’t been a lot of fun as I’ve been ill for 28 years.

Music has always been a great love of mine and, in my 20s, when my 21 was more manageable , I 22 ten years as a professional singer in restaurants, playing and singing folk songs. 23 that was years ago and times have changed. 24 I live with mother on a country farm.

Two years ago, I decided that I would need to have some kind of extra work to 25 my disability pension (残疾抚恤金). 26 I needed to sleep in the afternoons, I was limited in my 27 . I decided that I would consider 28 to singing in restaurants.

My family are all musicians, so I was 29 when I went into our local music store. I explained that I wanted to sing again but using recorded karaoke music. I knew that discs were very expensive and I really didn’t have a lot of 30 to get started. And 31 you find only three to four songs out of ten on a disc that you can 32 use.

When I told the owner of the shop about my 33 ; he gave me a long thoughtful 34. “This means a lot to you, doesn’t it?” he said. “Come with me.”

He led me 35 the crowded shop and to a bench with a large professional karaoke box on it. He placed his large hand 36 on his treasure and said, “I have 800 karaoke songs in here. You can take your 37 and I’ll record them for you. That should get you started.”

I 38 . Thanking him, I made a time with him to listen to all the songs and choose 39 that I could sing. I have come full circle with his help.

His 40 still warms my heart and makes me do just that bit extra, when I have the chance.

21. A. loneliness B. sadness C. tiredness D. sickness

22. A. set B. enjoyed C. kept D. shared

23. A. Gladly B. Eventually C. Unfortunately D. Surprisingly

24. A. Now B. Then C. Sometime D. Meanwhile

25. A. add up to B. make up for C. get rid of D. take advantage of

26. A. If B. As C. Though D. Before

27. A. movement B. condition C. choices D. positions

28. A. reaching out B. living up C. getting on D. going back

29. A. recognized B. interviewed C. found D. invited

30. A. money B. time C. energy D. knowledge

31. A. thus B. once C. seldom D. often

32. A. actually B. hardly C. nearly D. formerly

33. A. job B. family C. idea D. offer

34. A. face B. view C. look D. sight

35. A. over B. along C. towards D. through

36. A. unhappily B. lovingly C. pitifully D. gratefully

37. A. pick B. turn C. role D. step

38. A. had to cry B. ought to cry C. should have cried D. could have cried

39. A. more B. the ones C. few D. the rest

40. A. courage B. devotion C. kindness D. trust