In a study of over 2000 Brits in love, those who were questioned highlighted that the 16 to 18 month mark is the most crucial time when couples decide how their relationship will progress.


Reasons given for these sudden break-ups included growing apart (22 per cent), having their eye on someone else (13 per cent)and feeling bored in and out of the bedroom (nine per cent).


Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist says: "After reaching the milestone of a year and half, bigger decisions start to loom for couples such as should they move in together and is this the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.


"With the New Year psychologically being a time of reflection, January is certainly the most popular month for breaking hearts and new starts."


Here, Jo gives us her top tips on making 2010 the year for bagging a beau and keeping him ...


1. If you're single, resolve to do something new. Instead of thinking about internet, speed dating or buying a hot new outfit get out there and do it!

1. 如果你还单身,那么一定要下定决心尝试一些新事物!从网络的世界里跳出来,你去速战速决谈个恋爱、或是要好好打扮一下出门都好,总之快出门,别宅了!

2. Need some guidance on your love life? Booking a session with a Dating or Relationship Coach could be just the boost and direction that you need.

2. 觉得你需要一些爱情方面的指导?那就去听听爱情教练怎么说,专家意见总是值得参考的。

3. Take the opportunity to clear out your underwear drawer and consign all greying, baggy bras and pants to the bin. High street stores do fabulous underwear these days - invest in something sexy!

3. 找个机会清理一下你的内衣,把那些看起来脏兮兮、松垮垮的bra和小裤都扔进垃圾桶。现在时尚品牌做的内衣都很赞,不妨为自己投资几套看起来小性感的吧!

4. Pep up things in the bedroom, by spicing things up a little.

4. 收拾收拾卧室,添点有情调的小玩意儿。

5. Remind yourself that dating is about having fun. If you're stuck in a rut ask yourself 'Is it worth it?' and if you need to move on, remember that practice makes perfect.

5. 告诉自己约会是为了快乐。如果为了约会而约会,你就该问问自己“值不值?”;而如果你是为了摆脱上一段关系,那么提醒自己“熟能生巧”。

6. Being interested in activities outside of work/looking for a partner is what makes you interesting. Taking your foot off the gas in trying to find a partner and doing other stuff that you enjoy is often a fast track to finding someone special.

6. 注意一些工作以外的活动,寻找伴侣也是重要的事情之一!在活动中常常都能找到合适的伴侣。

7. Resolve to be firm but fair - letting someone down with a polite but clear message that you're not a match made in heaven, is better than being stuck on a second or third date because you don't want to upset them.

7. 下决心拒绝某人时要坚决和理性。你可以有礼貌地回绝他人、给出清晰的讯息你不想跟他发展下去;这比你为了不伤害人家,而逼着自己去跟他见面、搞到双方都不愉快要强。

8. Next time your partner says 'What's up?' resolve not to say 'Nothing'. Learn to speak your mind firmly but tactfully and improve those important communication skills.

8. 下次,当你情绪不佳、你男友问你“怎么了?”的时候,不要再说“没事”。要学着把自己的情绪坚决、并有技巧地表达出来,增强自己的沟通技巧。

9. Resolve to improve your flirting skills. Flirting gets a lot of bad press, but done well to someone you fancy it's the most direct yet subtle message you can give and makes the other person feel great!

9. 下决心增进自己的调情技巧。我知道,调情这事儿被媒体批地一文不值,但是真的,用正确的方法、和你一个真正感兴趣的对象调情是你能让他明白你的小心思的最佳方式,并且,这种做法绝对会让他很高兴!

10. Be open minded about your potential partner. Don't be too picky with a long shopping list nor too random in your choices. Both are fruitless - restrict yourself to three 'must haves' and let the rest unfold naturally.

10. 对有潜质成为你伴侣的人宽容一点——不要拿起一张超长的“标准”清单来对人家挑三拣四的,当然,也不要什么都不挑——把自己的标准限制为3个必须的,至于剩下的,不妨宽容一点。