(To be) thankful (for something)


This is a very common phrase that you’ll hear around Thanksgiving. It is a way to express that you are thankful (happy) for the good things in your life.


Let’s take turns and say what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful that I’m healthy and that all of us could be together for this Thanksgiving feast.

(To be) a turkey

This is not connected to Thanksgiving, but if you call a person a turkey, you’re saying that he or she is weird or funny.


As a joke, while John was riding the bus he was making airplane sounds and pretending that he was a pilot. He’s a real turkey sometimes.

Hot potato

A hot potato is a difficult problem or situation that no one wants to solve, so they pass it on and on from one person to the next. A hot potato will burn your hands if you hold it, so you need to throw it to someone else quickly!

It is also the name of a game that you may have played in class, where you have to throw around a ball or other object as fast as possible.


We still need to plan our presentation, but no one has the time or desire to work on it. The presentation is becoming a hot potato, so someone needs to take charge.


This is an adjective that means silly, funny or not cool.


Now that Tom is a father, he seems to constantly make “dad jokes”—corny jokes that no one laughs at.

Black Friday

You may have heard about this day, especially if you’re interested in shopping or discounts.

In the past—and still today—many people get two days off of work for Thanksgiving: Thursday and Friday. This effectively creates a “four-day weekend,” so many people travel or do fun things during the days after Thanksgiving.

Also, the day or two after Thanksgiving gives people a good opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, since Christmas is generally about a month after Thanksgiving. However, many people had the same idea, so the day after Thanksgiving began to be called Black Friday because it was usually a chaotic, “dark” time to go shopping since many stores were completely full of people.

In recent times, especially with the Internet, many stores have started having “Black Friday Sales.” Sometimes there are good deals, and sometimes people just think there will be good deals, so they go to a store to see. Either way, it is still generally one of the busiest shopping days of the year.


I don’t want to go anywhere for Black Friday. People go crazy trying to find good sales, but most of the same deals are available online.



Probably best known for being said when people are making a toast to celebrate something or someone at a special event however this can also be used to express thanks. It is worth noting that this is very common in the United Kingdom but not so much in the United States, however it is globally understood in the English speaking world.


I just want to say cheers to everyone for coming along to the pub to celebrate my birthday with me.


This must seem like a strange word as it only has two letters but has the meaning of “thank you”. This short but to the point way of expressing thanks is really resigned to the United Kingdom and is not likely to be globally understood in the rest of the English speaking world. Funnily enough if you double “ta” to “ta ta” it actually means “bye” instead of thank you.
这个词一定看起来很奇怪,因为它只有两个字母,却能表达“谢谢你”。这个表达感谢的方式简明扼要,实际只在英国使用,其他英语国家可能无法理解。说来很有趣的是,如果你把“ta”说两次变成“ta ta”,它就表示再见,而不是谢谢你。


Ta for making me a cup of tea, mum.

Much obliged

Saying “much obliged” or even hearing someone else say it is quite possibly something that hasn’t happened to you but don’t worry because this expression of thanks is not very common at all. In fact, even hearing someone say this nowadays would make your head turn. It is generally seen as being very polite and almost creates a sense of upper class. If you want to be posh then this is the way for you.


He was much obliged for the award.

You’re a lifesaver

This may sound like a strange way to thank someone but is actually very common in English. It is more used if you ask someone to do something for you or perhaps pick you something up and they do it. Naturally because they have done what you asked them to, you thank them by calling them a lifesaver because they helped in your period of need. This is definitely one to say if you want to seem more like a native.


You’re a lifesaver for taking me to the airport because if you hadn’t, I would have missed my flight.

 I appreciate it/that

When someone does something for you that you really love and feel very grateful for you can show your thanks to them by telling them that you “appreciate it”. In this instance “it” refers to the action or whatever is being thanked for. This could be very common in business situations and has connotations of formality associated with it. Use it to impress your boss.
当别人为你做了你确实很喜欢很感激的事情,你可以用appreciate it来表达自己的感激。这种情况下,”it“指代你要感谢的行为或其他事情。在工作场合中很常见,带有例行公事的隐含意。可以用它给你的老板留下一个深刻的印象。


All your help when moving house was amazing, I really appreciate it.