Barcelona - Part 1

西班牙语中的香槟被称为 Cava,巴塞罗那最出名的香槟店就要算"El Xampanyet"了,几乎所有西班牙的旅行手册都要介绍它。这是一家家庭式香槟吧,如果来到巴塞罗那,就把它当做最好的起点吧。


I'm in my favorite city in Europe now, Barcelona, Spain. This is my third time here. And every time I come back, there's something new to discover. The city is becoming so indistinguishable with international shops and restaurant chains, but not the city.

The city is one of a kind. Let me give you an example. What do you think of when you go out for champagne? Anywhere else in the world if you are enjoying champagne, it would probablly be for a special occasion, you would be dressed all spiffy. But um, things are a little bit different here in Barcelona. Come look.

This is a bar called XAMPANYEI, which loosely means champagne and it's one of the most popular places in town to enjoy a glass of bubbly. champagne in Spain is called "Cava", and they sell plenty of it here in this brightly-lit family-run place.

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