Youtube超火视频:叫一声爸爸 温馨感人向

If you, like me, have a great dad or really any kind of responsible, older male figure in your life who you look up to— give them a hug and let them know how much you appreciate them. Right now. Or, if you don't live near them, at the very least give them a call and send a card.

Dads— which from here on out will be my catch-all term to describe any men who gives you sage wisdom— do a lot for us. They make us laugh, teach us about the world, take care of us, talk us through how to fix broken household appliances when we're confused and living on our own for the first time, size up our dates to make sure they're good enough for us, and, most important of all, they love us unconditionally. The least we can do is give them one day out of the year where we go out of our way to tell them how much they mean to us.

Here are 8 heartbreaking movie moments that will make you want to call your dad.

Marlin thinks Nemo is dead, Finding Nemo

Tim gets one last moment with his dad, About Time

"I was trying to get you to love me", Life as a House

Homer tells his dad who his hero is, October Sky

"Grandpa Won't Wake Up", Little Miss Sunshine

"I wouldn't want any daddy but you", I Am Sam

"Champ, Wake Up!", The Champ

Simba finds Mufasa after the stampede, The Lion King