Father's Day inspires appreciation, respect and love for a man who is a steady source of security and guidance in the lives of his family. Take heart in knowing there are some thought-provoking and timeless treasures that make wonderful Father's Day gifts.

Fathers will be so busy taking care of their families, that they often they neglect to take care of their own health. Buy Dad a membership to the local gym or fitness center. He will be receiving the gift of good health and enjoying himself in the process.

For those who are on a tight budget, yet want to show Dad he's thought of and remembered, a little token of love might be a personalized photo mug. This is a practical gift that would make Dad think of his son or daughter each and every day.

For the younger crowd who loves arts and crafts, the options are unlimited. Comprise a family photo album, with special pages to commemorate certain events that held meaning for Dad and his loved ones.

Simple things can mean so much. Why not take Dad out for a lovely relaxed dinner. The two of you can talk at a leisurely level and pace. Afterward, plan to attend a movie, or some other type of concert. Of course, tickets to see his favorite sports team would always be appreciated.

If Dad enjoys cooking, get him a personalized apron to wear while cooking up his favorite recipes. Don't stop there. Add to Dad's enjoyment by gifting him with a new set of cooking tools. What a fun Father's day gift idea that could be!

Wine or other types of liquor could be a gift of choice. What better way to unwind after a long hard day at the office than with his favorite liquor. Choose wisely, and remember, there's no need to remind Dad to drink responsibly.

A subscription to his favorite magazine is a nice idea, and sure to be well received. Most often he will neglect to treat himself to this type of leisurely fun. Now is a good time to do the favor for him.

If he's in need of a new wallet, present Dad with a leather billfold and place a special photo inside.

To keep Dad looking handsome and dashing, present him with a new electric shaver. Let him indulge without the hassle of having to use shaving cream.

For those who wish to indulge Dad with an extraordinary present, why not present a portrait of his children? Surprise him with an oil painting or watercolor to capture the essence of his children. This gift will inspire memories to cherish for a lifetime.