What is the best country to visit during Christmas?

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Coming from the northern hemisphere, I thought that Christmas in summer in my new home of New Zealand would be really bizarre and I wouldn't be able to get used to it. But instead it felt normal. Santa is usually depicted wearing his usual coat and hat, but instead of trousers, he wears shorts. Note the snowflake pattern on his summer shirt!

Most people will have a barbecue at home, and go to the beach on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. As it's summer holidays, many companies shut between Christmas and New Year so Christmas Eve is the start of many families' summer holidays, too, and as our schools follow the calendar year, kids are nicely relaxed as they're between school years.

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Germany has a lot of amazing places to visit for Christmas. I lived one year in Regensburg in Bavaria, one of Europe's best kept medieval cities, and it has no less than three Christmas markets! If you're in Bavaria, you should also definitely check out the market in Nürnberg, one of the largest in Germany and bound to put you in a festive mood.

But Germany is not the only country with amazing markets. Switzerland is also full of them, and having lived in Bern I can really recommend visiting the city for Christmas. Another good option is Stein am Rhein on the border with Germany (a two hour drive north into Germany itself will get you to more awesome towns, like Rottweil and Villingen-Schwenningen, as well as the Schwarzwald/Black Forest area with lots of quaint little towns), and the beautiful city of Luzern (Lucerne) on the Vierwaldstätter See (Lake Lucerne).

Outside of these two countries I'm sure there are loads of other places to see, too, but I'd like to especially mention the German speaking French region of Elsass, and in particular the town of Riquewihr.